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Saturday, November 24, 2012

FXCO approves blight ordinance for house on Spring Valley Drive

The front door at 6629 Spring Valley Drive

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a “spot blight abatement ordinance” Nov. 20 declaring the house at 6629 Spring Valley Drive, Alexandria, as blighted.

The owners, listed as Manote Auandee and Sandra Auandee, were given 30 days to “abate or obviate the nuisance.” If they fail to act, the county can demolish the house and charge the owners for the demolition costs.

The house is in the Mason District accessible from Braddock Road and close to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

The brick rambler, built in 151, has been vacant for the past three years, according to a county document submitted to the board. It has a fallen front porch, holes in the roof, and broken windows. There is an unmaintained in-ground swimming pool and three sheds in the back yard.

Staff from the county’s Blight Abatement Program determined “the dwelling is not economically feasible to repair” and recommended that it be demolished. Following a complaint in 2008, the county opened a property maintenance case on the house. Since then, the owners have ignored correspondence from county staff. Their failure to address maintenance violations is being investigation by the county attorney’s office.

According to Fairfax County tax records, the assessed value of the house was $332,880 in 2007 and had declined to $68,780 in 2012. The county estimates the demolition costs at $35,000.

The back of the house shows lack of maintenance.


  1. Isnt it funny in the midst of their house falling down, they have a cheery red bow on their front door?! Must be from 3 Christmases ago.

  2. The owners probably walked away from their mortgage responsibilities and could care less what the FFX County does with it, I feel for the neighbors. We have many like these, not to this degree in FFX County, its a shame that in one of the richest counties in the US we have conditions like this. This use to be DC, now its FFX.......what happened?

    1. somebody should not be so judgemental

  3. how about the house at 3405 kimberly dr, just off Annandale Rd? According to Google maps it is the home of a contractor. If that's true, I would NOT like to live in anything they build!