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Monday, November 12, 2012

Little White Church once housed Annandale's first public school

The interior of the Little White Church.

One of Annandale’s historic gems, “the Little White Church” at 6935 Columbia Pike by Gallows Road, was open to the public on Saturday.

Inside there’s a simple sanctuary with wooden pews. Downstairs, there’s a small museum with historic items on display including a portable field organ, a Bible from 1867, old liturgical paraphernalia, news clippings, old maps, and memorabilia from Boy Scout Troop 150.

One of the oldest buildings in Annandale.
The Little White Church was built in 1870 after the original Annandale Methodist Episcopal Church, as it was known then, burned down during the Civil War.

The first public school in Annandale met in the lower level in the 1880s and 1890s, says James Wall, a former history professor. At the time, it had a potbellied stove and a dirt floor. “The water seeped in, and when it got muddy, the kids had to wear boots,” he says.

The small white building next door was built in 1911 as a community center. It’s now used as a warehouse for Annandale Christian Community for Action. ACCA volunteers collect and repair furniture and distribute it to needy families in Annandale and Bailey’s Crossroads.

The Little White Church was used by the Freewill Baptist congregation from 1967 to 1986. The building is now part of Annandale United Methodist Church, which had long outgrown the tiny building. Construction of the new church building up the hill began in 1946.

A small congregation called Genesis 12 Christian Fellowship uses the Little White Church for Sunday services and Wednesday evening Bible study. It’s also used sometimes for weddings or other special events.
There's a large model of the church in the museum on the lower level.

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  1. Nice article. Good to read a piece of good history. The church and its grounds are one of Mason's jewels.