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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama and Kaine win every precinct in Mason District

Rep. Connolly delivers an
acceptance speech in
Tysons Corner last night
President Obama won in every single precinct in the Mason District yesterday, which contributed to Obama’s overall win in Fairfax County and ultimately, Virginia, a key battleground state that helped tip the balance in the hard-fought election. According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, Overall results in Fairfax County were 59.1 percent for Obama and 39.45 percent for Romney.

Mason precincts where Obama did best were Skyline (where the incumbent got 78.3 percent), Holmes (74.4 percent), Willston (73.4) percent, and Glen Forest (70.4 percent).

Romney got the highest percentages in these Mason precincts: Camelot (49.2), Ridgelea (48), Barcroft (40), Brook Hill (38), and Ravenwood (37.7). In the Annandale precinct of Chapel, which is in in the Braddock District, Romney got 40.1 percent.

Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine also beat Republican challenger George Allen in every Mason precinct. Kaine did best in Skyline (79.4 percent), Bailey’s (75.2), Bren Mar (72.6), Willston (72.3), and Glen Forest (72).

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) easily won re-election in the 11th congressional district with 60.4 percent of the vote, compared to 35.9 percent for Republican challenger Chris Perkins.

Among Mason precincts in the 11th District, Connolly got the most votes in Bristow (66.7 percent), Holmes (66.7), St. Albans (66), and Belvedere (64.5). Perkins did best in Camelot (47.8), Ridgelea (44.2), and Hummer (49). He also got 44.8 percent in Chapel.

Connolly thanked his supporters at an election night watch party in Tyson’s Corner, telling them voters “made a clear choice. They voted for pragmatism over ideology. They voted for investing in America’s future in education, R&D, and in infrastructure, rejecting the mindless cant that government does nothing well and all spending is the same.”

“Our voters asserted the value that women have the right to decide their own reproductive choices without government restriction,” Connolly said. “And they further reinforced their collective value that Medicare and Social Security are inviolable social contracts—promises made to our seniors—promises that must be kept.”

Voters also sent a message about politics, he said. “They want more functional government” and “don’t want more rabid, partisan rhetoric as a substitute for real solutions to real problems.”

Incumbent Rep. Jim Moran (D) handily beat J. Patrick Murray in the 8th District. Moran got 64.4 percent of the vote, compared to 30.6 percent overall. In the Mason District, precincts where Moran got the most votes were Skyline (77.1 percent), Holmes (75.75), Bailey’s (73.5), and Willston (70).

Murray did best in St. Albans (40.8), Brook Hill (37.1), Poe (35.5), and Edsall (35.2).

The proposed constitutional amendment on eminent domain (Question 1) passed easily statewide with 74.6 percent voting “yes.” In Fairfax County, 62.6 percent of voters supported Question 1. Only one Mason precinct, Skyline, had a majority of  “no” votes.

All four Fairfax County bond measures passed by large margins: 76.8 percent for storm drainage improvements, 74.6 percent for public safety facilities, 72.1 percent for parks, and 70.1 percent for libraries.

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  1. According to Fairfax County Supervisor Sharon Bulova, the last vote in Fairfax County was cast at 10:30 p.m. at the Skyline precinct in Bailey’s Crossroads, which means voters in line by 7 p.m. had to wait three and a half hours. Many voters throughout the day had to wait in long lines for an hour or more.

    Bulova plans to offer a proposal at the next Board of Supervisors meeting to establish a bipartisan commission to make recommendations on improving the election process. “While all together the day went well, I think it would be beneficial to examine what lessons we can learn to reduce long waits and make things run more smoothly,” she said.