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Friday, December 7, 2012

Red Holic: a bit different from the usual Korean fare

By Colin Chambers

Red Holic, a relatively new Korean diner tucked into a semi-basement at 7123 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, definitely delivers for Korean comfort food.  Red Holic is a great alternative to the more popular nearby places like Palace, Shilla, and Ara.

Red Holic’s version of the double-fried Korean fried chicken that has become all the rage lately is almost as good as BonChon’s, especially now that the Annandale BonChon has been surpassed by the far superior (in service and variety of options) locations in Fairfax and Centreville. Red Holic is a viable option when you crave the delicious chicken.

Additionally, they have a variety of combination boxes that include some of the Korean street food and fast food that is flavorful and even a bit healthy compared to their American diner alternatives. The bang for your buck is in play here, as most of the food is quite cheap. The tempura plate is large and flavorful and comes in several sizes; it’s a nice addition to the other options on the menu.

The servers were very friendly (not always a given in some of the spots in Annandale, not naming any names), and most spoke English if needed. Overall, dining here was a good experience that was a little different from the usual plethora of Korean food around Annandale. If you thought Korean food was just meat plates and kimchi, the multitude of options available in Annandale continue to prove that misconception wrong. Enjoy!

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