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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New development could be in the works for Columbia Pike

These buildings are for sale.
Within the next few months, there could be some big changes on Columbia Pike between Little River Turnpike and Backlick Road in central Annandale.

The building that formerly housed the Sunset Grille, 7250 Columbia Pike, is being renovated, and the entire inside has already been gutted. The first floor is expected to be a restaurant, and a second floor will be added with office space, although there aren’t any tenants yet. According to Fairfax County property records, the building was purchased in September by Hassan Iqubal from Burke and Herbert Bank and Trust Co. for $1.6 million.
The old Sunset Grille building.

That building includes two other businessesAmerican Rental and New York Pizza Factory.  The pizza place will remain open, an employee says, but American Rental, which has been there since 1985, will move to Port Royal Road, Springfield, according to the owner, Eric Shaffer.

The property at 7236 Columbia Pike, which includes two buildings, is on the market for $750,000, says Pauline Thompson of Tysons Realty. The front building, which was originally a house, had been the office of the Annandale Boys and Girls Club (ABGC) for over 50 years. It has been totally renovated inside, with upgraded bathrooms and new walls, floors, and lighting. The ABGC moved to 4216 Annandale Road in April.

The building in the rear is a three-story office building built in 1960. Tenants include a Korean Bible study group on the second floor and an acupuncture doctor,  Ji Yun Yu, on the third floor. There’s a vacant office on the ground floor available for rent for $600 a month. The entire property could be leased for $2,800 a month, Thompson says.

This block of Columbia Pike has underground utilities.
Also on that block, the building that housed the Annandale Florist, 7224 Columbia Pike, is for sale for $950,000. The owner, Gary Sherfey, retired at the end of the year; the shop was established by his parents in 1955.

Having two properties so close to one another come up for sale in central Annandale at the same time presents a rare opportunity for a developer interested in a larger mixed-use project, especially if the owners of the two properties in between—Foundation Fitness and Kiara Dominican Salon—were interested in selling. The block is zoned C-8, which allows a wide variety of commercial uses.

A Walgreens drug store will be built on the other side of Columbia Pike. Demolition of the old Fuddrucker’s was supposed to start in September, but at least a fence was installed around the property recently, indicating the work should get under way soon.


  1. You cannot have much business sense if you think you can run a successful business here... just look around and you will see that we are crumbling into a third world village.

  2. You see glass half empty, I see glass half full. We have been in an economic downturn for five years, which means that there are properties that aren't living up to their potential. That also means we're primed to offer a lot of opportunities for investment when the economy continues its recovery. I moved here 15 years ago and have never regretted it--and they're not making any new land inside the Beltway.

  3. Cmon, this is some progress. Those properties have not been improved in 50 years. Thanks for the update blogmaster, just the kind of Annandale info that is nice to know. Was afraid the "Koreana" construction banner around the old Sunset Grill meant another dark glassed Korean place coming!

  4. Yeah, cmon, there is real opportunity on that corner! Jeez, perhaps the biggest opportunity to redevelop there in like 50 years.

  5. That is exactly what it meant. and the Tenants which include a Korean Bible study group on the second floor and an acupuncture doctor, Ji Yun Yu, on the third floor of the rear bldg. will move from there to the new building and add more black windows. What should happen is an aggregation of all of these small buildings into a large parcel to effect a meaningful turnaround as is happening in Penrose.