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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pro Maxx Fitness celebrates grand opening

Pro Maxx Fitness Manager Susan Hilaski is holding the big scissors, while Mason Supervisor Penny Gross cuts the ribbon with a regular pair of scissors.
Pro Maxx Fitness had a grand opening celebration Saturday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Mason Supervisor Penny Gross, Mason Police District Commander Gun Lee, and Gary Moore, deputy chief of the Annandale Fire Station; awards presentations by Pro Maxx Manager Susan Hilaski; fitness demonstrations; tours; prizes; piano music by Vicky Wyatt; and food from Perfect Pita and Kabob House.

Mason Crime Prevention Officer Brendan Murphy presents an award to Carol Zach Reuss as Mason Police District Commander Gun Lee looks on.
The gym, at 7060 Columbia Pike, is in the Annandale Shopping Center. Three separate awards were presented to Carol Zach Reuss, the shopping center’s property manager for “outstanding leadership for the Annandale community,” including her role in organizing a Neighborhood Night Out event for families last August.  Among the other awardees were Pro Maxx employees Michelle Wilson, Gregory McCottrell, and Tommy Helmy.

The public is invited to a black light dance party at the Pro Maxx Fitness this evening, 8-9:30 p.m., with DJ Trek. The dress code is athletic attire; white clothing preferred. If you’re thinking about joining the gym, tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the pre-grand opening membership prices.


  1. When I called about joining, the prices (yes this includes a massive sign up fee) were out of touch with what kind of gym this is. I was expecting express gym prices, this is an express sized gym after all. The cost was as much as guns with full spa services. This was the "pre-opening" price too which left me wondering how high and out of touch were the regular rates? $35 per month plus sign up fees for an express sized gym LOL good luck with that.

  2. This is Susan Hilaski, one of the new owners of Pro MAXX Fitness. We have made significant investments in building a wonderful state-of-the-art fitness facility for valued customers in the community of Annandale. Our current lowest membership rate is $30/month for fire & rescue, military or police personnel as well as seniors and students through January 31, 2013, with a $65 enrollment fee. We encourage you to experience Annandale’s trend setting, eco-friendly fitness center. It is unfortunate that certain posters do not have accurate rate information for Pro MAXX. We welcome all to visit and tour our family-oriented, community-focused center, and first-time visitors are encouraged to stop by and work out for FREE! Knowledgeable Pro MAXX staff are available in person for tours. You may contact me by email at: or by telephone at: 703-914-9080 should you have any questions.

  3. I went by what your employee told me, your prices are still way to high. What express sized gym aka small gym charges $65 to join? On top of that, the monthly rate is on par with local gyms that blow yours away in terms of extra features. Talk about a ripoff.

  4. The first poster stated it is $35 a month. Then the owner comes on and says it's $30 discounted for military, police, etc. and says it's unfortunate that posters have incorrect rate info?? For non discounted normal people it sounds like the first poster was spot on. Either way xsport is $35 and its 24/7, plus basketball, plus swimming, plus rock climbing, plus spa, plus.. (you get the point)

  5. This is silly--we are now on the second thread with someone attacking ProMaxx about its prices. I am not a member, but I want Annandale to succeed. Go read the comments on stories about development in Annandale--I'm not alone in that desire.

    Annandale is where ProMaxx is, by the way. Xsport is not--and for those of us who can barely find time to get to the gym, needing an extra 15 minutes each way to get to a non-local gym, that location advantage might offset any price differential.

    Look around--there are gyms at all sorts of price points in the DC area. Stop whining about this one--just don't join. Unless of course you've got an ulterior motive in discouraging their business?

    1. You are so right. The response is simple: don't join if you think it costs too much, or you don't like their phone habits. Most if all -- stop whinning about it on this blog.

  6. Dear Anonymouses,

    I have read and agreed to the fees and times of operation at the new Pro Maxx. I am quite satisfied with my decision, the personnel, and the greatly improved facilities.

    It appears that you have read the fees and times of operation and have not agreed. That is your decision with which you are apparently satisfied.

    I'm certain the owners have professionals who are advising them about their business plan and future.
    There's no more for you to say. Move along, there's nothing else here for you. Thanks.rp

  7. TO ALL: My name is Kelly Cartwright, Director of Customer Service, XSport Fitness, Chicago, DC., New York.

    XSPORT FITNESS is not participating in any comparison, comments, discussion, or activity on this blog, especially as it relates to any other business owner, whether fitness and or/ health related.

    Those making disparaging comments and remarks, have NO AFFILIATION WITH XSPORT FITNESS.

    Anyone who has any questions in this regard can contact me, personally, Kelly Cartwright, 630-556-4014, at our corporate office.

    We wish good luck and good will to all our fellow Virginia business owners.

  8. I tried calling a few times about basic info like fees for various packages, times its opens etc. and nobody picked up. Called again and same thing. I don't fall into the discount category as most don't, so I was hoping to find out.

    1. This is Susan Hilaski one of the owners of Pro MAXX Fitness and I apologize if you could not reach us. It is 9:40 p.m. on Thursday, January 29 and I have been here all day. I can assure you that our staff picks up the phone when customers call. We have many phone calls from individuals asking about personal training and membership specials as well as customers walking in to tour the new facility. Our phone line has voice mail so we should have received a message from you if our phone line was busy. I encourage you to come to our facility to see what we have to offer. Also, our information is available online at Thank you.