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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

XSport Fitness responds to negative comments on Pro Maxx Fitness

Editor’s note: Representatives from both XSport Fitness and Pro Maxx Fitness have asked us to remove negative comments in reference to articles about the recent opening of Pro Maxx in Annandale. We’re not doing that but have agreed to publish a statement from Kelly Cartwright, director of customer service for XSport Fitness, a company with gyms in Chicago and New York, as well as the D.C. area, including Merrifield:

“XSport Fitness is not participating in any comparison, comments, discussion, or activity on this blog, especially as it relates to any other business owner, whether fitness or health related,” Cartwright says. “Those making disparaging comments and remarks, have no affiliation with XSport Fitness.”

Cartwright invites anyone who has any questions about this to call her personally at 630/556-4014 at the XSport Fitness corporate office. “We wish good luck and good will to all our fellow Virginia business owners,” she says.


  1. Why would anyone think that a company based out of Chicago would be posting on here?

    1. Because it's her job? And if you Google "xsport customer service cartwright" you'll see that she's been representing the company online since at least 2011.

      Good grief.

  2. Didn't you know Annandale is the end-all-be-all alpha/omega center of the world?