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Monday, February 18, 2013

Annandale resident promotes health benefits of Xocai chocolate

We usually value chocolate as an indulgence savored as a special treat. But chocolate can also be thought of as a health food, as it has natural antioxidants that can help the body fight disease.

That’s the message promoted by Annandale resident Diane Ditzler, who sells the Xoҫai line of chocolate products. Xoҫai (pronounced “show sigh”) is healthier than regular chocolate because its ingredients—unprocessed cocoa powder, acai berries, and blueberries—are among the foods with the highest levels of antioxidants.  

Xoҫai isn’t sold in stores; it can only be purchased online or through its certified salespeople who are part of the company’s network marketing scheme, sort of like the way people sell Tupperware, Amway, or May Kay products.

Diane Ditzler
The cold-press method of making Xoҫai chocolate, invented by company founder Jeanette Brooks, also preserves its health benefits. Regular chocolate candy is made by heading the chocolate, which Ditzler says reduces 75 percent of its health benefit.

Three little squares of Xoҫai chocolate - the recommended daily dose - have as much antioxidants as a pound and a-half of spinach, she says. While studies confirm the health benefits of antioxidants, proponents of Xoҫai products also say they prevent inflammation, cancer, and strokes, but the scientific evidence is sketchy at best.

Ditzler found out about Xoҫai when her chiropractor raved about how her patients reported lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels after eating the chocolates regularly. At the time, Ditzler was aiming for a healthier, nontoxic lifestyle, so she gave them a try. She found her blood sugar levels declined, her eczema cleared up, and she had more energy and an improved mood.

The Xoҫai chocolate line includes several products: X Power Squares (with 33 calories and three grams of sugar), Nuggets, Omega Squares (with flax seed and orange peel), XoBiotic Squares (a probiotic version of the chocolate with 1 billion live microorganisms to promote better digestion); an energy drink with ginseng and other herbs; meal-replacement shakes for those trying to lose weight; and milk chocolate peanut butter cups. The company also produces anti-aging supplements and will introduce the Xophoria skin care line in May.

Ditzler, a resident of Annandale Acres who works for the federal government, is only one of two known Xoҫai distributors in Annandale. Most of her sales are through word of mouth. People can sign up for monthly deliveries or just buy a single product.

A box with 140 pieces is about $125, which should last a month. Ditzler says the cost is about the same as a cup of Starbucks every day. But Xocai not only gives you an energy boost; it’s good for you, she says.


  1. Is this a paid ad? If so, FTC regulations require that you state as such. (And if it's not... why the heck is it here?)

  2. I have to agree. I'd hate to see this informative blog become part of the companys network marketing scheme.