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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Capt. Gun Lee leaving Mason Police District

Capt. Lee
Gun Lee, the commander of the Mason Police District in Annandale, is leaving his position March 9 to become commander of the major crimes division in the Fairfax County Police Criminal Investigation Bureau.

Carol Wilhite, the assistant captain of the Fair Oaks Police District will be the new Mason District captain.

The announcement came as a surprise to the Mason police station, according to an officer there. Lee had been at the station for four years and was promoted to the position of captain in April 2011. His new position has been described as a lateral move.

Wilhite, a native of Arlington and a graduate of Yorktown High School, has had a long career with the Fairfax County Police Department, starting as a patrol officer with the Franconia Police District. Before joining the Fair Oaks station a year ago, she was assistant to the deputy chief of patrol. She has also worked in the internal affairs, property and evidence, personnel, and polygraph sections.

It’s too early to discuss her plans for the Mason District, Wilhite said. “I’m looking forward to the transfer and meeting the community,” she said. She won’t be at the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting March 5 though, as she will be in Morocco next week on a State Department-funded mission to train Moroccan police chiefs.

Ben Hester, the immediate past chair of the Mason CAC called Lee “a true leader and innovator who is always looking for better ways to do things.” Hester praised Lee’s professionalism and ability to motivate the officers.

“Having worked with him for the past three years, I most impressed by his community outreach programs,” Hester said, citing the CAC and crime prevention activities such as support for neighborhood watch groups, home security evaluations, and women’s self-defense classes.


  1. He will be missed. Gun Lee was an excellent commander and great for the community.

  2. I agree ! I only hope this new Captain will ENFORCE THE LOITERING LAWS!!!!!

  3. Interesting he is leaving for a job that is considered a lateral move.

  4. Captain Lee will be sorely missed by the Parklawn Community. His accessibility, in addition to his partnering skills made us a better community. I can only hope that the new Captain, Carol Wilhite can fill his shoes. We look forward to working with her, welcome her, and hope that she will engage the community as well as her predecessor.

    Thank you Captain Lee for making a huge difference.

    Richard C. Zambito

  5. Sorry to see him move. We were just getting to know him better. Good Luck to him. He has to go where he is sent.

  6. Yes, Capt. Lee will be missed by all in Mason District. Citizens Advisory Committee Mtg. this Tues., starting at 7:30 pm, come to wish him well and hear a presentation by officers with the Internal Affairs Div. of the Police Dept.

  7. Selective enforcement of loitering laws

  8. He may be missed, but we saw few laws enforced in the Baileys Crosssroads area. of course, this is likely due to penny gross.

  9. Captain Gun Lee was very responsive to our concerns and did a great job of listening and reacting where needed - exemplary signs of leadership. Good luck on your next assignment!

    We look forward to working with Captain Carol Wilhite.

    Grant Mydland
    Sleepy Hollow Citizens' Association

  10. SERIOUSLY?? Are you that blinded by your partisan snarkiness that you believe a local politician can tell a police captain to not enforce laws? What proof do you have? I know it's fun to have opinions, but at least have opinions that are based in reality.

  11. I am interested to know if the Politician who runs the district - does have a say in the loitering thing.... I think politics must play a role. They are in the same office building all day and he does answer to the Board of Supervisors....

  12. Oh great - a conspiracy theory over the loitering laws. Why in the world would you think the local supervisor would tell the police captain to NOT enforce the loitering laws?? What gain would there be in doing so??