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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mason Crest principal's night on the roof inspires students to read

Principal Butler prepares for his rooftop camping adventure.
Mason Crest Elementary School Principal Brian Butler spent the night of Jan. 31 on the roof of the school—just as had promised if students met their goal of logging 1,000 hours in reading during December and January. Students not only met the goal but surpassed it by reading an additional 1,327 hours, reports the school’s librarian, Donna Sheridan.

Although there had been several unseasonably warm days in January, last Thursday was not one of them. It was windy and snowy, with a low of 33 degrees—but a promise is a promise. So Butler bundled up and tried to stay warm in his rooftop tent.

Mason Crest families explore student writings.
The evening started with students and family members sharing their writing, including poems, nonfiction reports, autobiographies, and media messages via a scavenger hunt through Annandales newest school. When Butler climbed to the roof, families in the classroom watched via video feed as Assistant Principal Diane Kerr read a bedtime story.

Groups of students and families gathered in the cafeteria or gymnasium to learn how reading improves student writing and to learn about a story-writing contest, says Sheridan. Each student was given a blank book and an assignment: write a story about “Mr. Butler’s Adventures on the Roof.” One winner from each grade level will have their story published in the school library. Butler waved good night from the roof as the families headed home—to their warm beds indoors.


  1. What a great principal who would do that for his students.

  2. Great principal, assistant principal and librarian!! Congratulations, kids, for surpassing your goal, and thank you teachers for inspiring the love of reading!