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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walgreens, BB&T Bank coming to Westlawn Shopping Center

The expanded Bill Page Honda as seen from Annandale Road.
Bill Page Honda has inked deals for Walgreens and BB&T Bank at the Westlawn Shopping Center it is developing on Annandale Road next to its dealership.

Those stores will be on pad sites in the shopping center parking lot. Walgreens will occupy its site in 2014, then will begin construction, said Brian Kanyan, chief financial officer of Bill Page Imports. There are eight Walgreens within eight miles of Annandale, and another one is going up on the former Fuddruckers site on Little River Turnpike in Annandale.

Bill Page Honda doesn’t have any other tenants yet. “They are still weeding through their options for the retail strip itself, but I’m told there is pretty strong interest,” said Shane M. Murphy of Cooley LLP.

Lots of progress is being made on the expansion of Bill Page Honda on Route 50. The first phase of the dealership—the service bays and area for selling used cars—is scheduled to be completed by the middle of this year, Murphy said.

The view from Route 50.


  1. Just what we need another bank and pharmacy.

  2. Somebody must need them - these businesses do their research or they would not open, maybe just not you.

  3. But this is the second Walgreens that is opening up in spitting distance of a CVS. Clearly pharmacies are needed, but this specific pattern of opening in the shadow of their primary competitor instead of in a less-served area... They must have their logic, but from the outside, I don't follow it.

  4. Pharmacies do no't really have brand loyalty, so the thought is that consumers will know there is a CVS in the area and come, but are just as likely to hit the Walgreens if it's more convenient or they even see it first. They're basically stealing each other's market research. Seems dumb, but it does explain the phenom. Vist historic Annandale's beautiful drugstore district!

  5. DL Thurston2/22/13, 1:22 PM

    Eh, it is nice, but still has nothing on the Manassas Historic Drug Store District.

  6. We need a bookstore!

  7. An independent bakery

  8. Go to Barnes and Noble at Seven Corners before it too disappears. Or else open your own bookstore and see if you can make a living doing it.