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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Annandale newsstand has already been sold twice in 2013

The small building at 7025 Columbia Pike known as Anna ’N Dale’s Newsstand has sold for the second time in 2013.

Shafik Aasef of Annandale bought the building Feb. 28 from Chung Moon in a foreclosure auction for just $645,000, making it a prime target for flipping. “It’s unusual for an affordable piece of commercial property to come up for sale, so he jumped on it,” said Kenneth Matzkin of Buck Commercial, a real estate company based in Arlington.

Aasef sold it in March to the Ashkar family, Matzkin said. He declined to give the sales price until the closing, which will take place next week.  

There are several separate businesses in the building, including magazines, an “adult” section, men’s clothes, wedding invitations, and lawnmower repair. The property includes a separate small structure housing Advance Electronics and Appliances, a repair business. 

The main tenant, George Gabriel, said “nothing will change” and that he has no plans to leave. Matzkin confirmed that the new owner plans to keep the current tenants—at least for the time being. According to Gabriel, the monthly rent for the building is $3,100.

The two-story, 2,647-square foot building was constructed in 1950 as a single-family house. The property is zoned C5, which permits a variety of commercial uses, such as food stores, drugstores, small specialty shops, and small professional offices.


  1. You forgot to mention the junk yard in the back yard. Anything from food containers, coolers, lawn mowers, dog crates scrap wood, tarps tents, gas cans, etc..... It is my understanding there are five businesses in that tiny building. Talk about boarding houses this is a boarding business. Maybe this owner will take some pride!!!!!

  2. Hopefully, the Annandale Cleanup event on Saturday morning will shine a spotlight on the messiest areas.

  3. Dear Ashkar family - please turn that lot into a new business that will better serve the community at large. A wonderful deli, flower shop, anything other than what is there now.

  4. hey at least its not a crackhouse #win

  5. I am wondering if anyone ever purchased a magazine at this establishment around the mid to late 1990s. I am looking for a specific full page color advertisement that was in a magazine for a movie (not sure if it was real or not) called "Tittysburg", a spoof on the movie "Gettysburg". I believe it was in a copy of "Juggs"? Thanks for your help.

    1. where will we go now for our adult mags and videos

  6. I am acually looking for that one too.

  7. Jorge A. Gabriel DOB 06/30/1937 Philippines (76 years old) of Annandale, VA. USA died May 31, 2013 of congested heart failure and was cremated thereafter. He was taken by EMS (emergency medical services) to Inova Fairfax Hospital (VA) on April 18, 2013 and moved to Commonwealth Rehabilitation. Fairfax City on May 22,2013. The state of Virginia/ County of Fairfax appointed a special GUARDIAN to look into his personal affairs DUE TO:(NO FAMILY-NO RELATIVES)and to date the GUARDIAN/a lawyer assigned is holding his urn/ashes for a short period of time until a relative/s will claim his ashes for proper disposition, otherwise the county of Fairfax, Virginia USA will handle burial. If a close relative wishes to take responsibility THEREUPON, such can be arranged. please spread the news of his demise and to whomever wants to take it on. Mr. Jorge A. Gabriel was from Malabon, Navotas Rizal Philippines from an old grand Gabriel family of Malabon, a family of fishermen, engineers, doctors, lawyers, academics and business leaders. A graduate of the University of the Philippines - Chemical Engineering (early 60's to 1965? He was our High School class teacher at San Sebastian College, Recoletos de Manila---class of 1965. He also taught engineering classes at TIP, FEU and Arellano during the same period aforementioned prior to coming to America. thank you for your help in publicizing this notice/ e-mailed to Manila Times news desk, San Sebastian College-Recoletos De Manila and the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus. and circulated among the H. S. class of 1965

  8. used to buy newports there..kinda like the place