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Friday, April 12, 2013

Mixed-use redevelopment plan proposed for Landmark Mall

The area outlined in blue would be redeveloped.

Before Landmark Mall was transformed into a two-level enclosed shopping mall in 1990, it was an open-air shopping center. It could revert to that structure again, if the City of Alexandria approves a plan submitted by the Howard Hughes Corp. April 11 to redevelop the central portion of Landmark Mall between the existing Sears and Macy’s stores.

Under the Hughes proposal, the central section would be demolished and replaced with a mixed-use complex with 250,000 to 300,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, 350 to 400 apartments, a traditional street grid, sidewalks, trees, and open space.

In a presentation to the public on the mall redevelopment proposal April 8, staff from the Alexandria Planning and Zoning Department said the mall project should fit in with the city’s plan for the Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor. The vision and goals for that plan include the following:

  • Landmark Mall should serve regional, local, and neighborhood needs.
  • Transit ridership should increase.
  • There should be more cultural and public art facilities.
  • The area should have pedestrian-friendly activity centers.
  • There should be interconnected open space.

The plan also recommends a new bridge over Duke Street (Route 236), an urban street grid, several new transit lines, and a transit center.

Among the issues raised by local residents at the public meeting: the need to provide affordable housing, the impact of increased population on local schools, and a request to emphasize local businesses rather than national chains.

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  1. Start all over again, nothing there is worth saving. It was a concept that way outlived its usefullness.