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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Annandale Walgreens to open this fall

The new Walgreens under construction between Little River Turnpike, Columbia Pike, and Backlick Road is scheduled to open this fall. The 12,878-square foot building will have a drive-through pharmacy, and about 20 to 25 employees, said Walgreens spokesperson Robert  Elfinger.

Even before it opens, Walgreens is showing an interest in the community. There are tentative plans for Walgreens to participate in a health fair with the ACCA Child Development Center in late May or early June.

The new Walgreens going up on Annandale Road near Route 50 will be larger, 14,550 square feet, and will also have a drive-through pharmacy, said Elfinger. That store is expected to open in summer 2014.

When deciding on new store locations, Elfinger said, Walgreens considers census data, population density, demographics, and vehicular and pedestrian traffic. “We want great corner locations that allow us to serve as many residents as we can,” he said, noting that the existence of a CVS or other drug store across the street isn’t a disadvantage.


  1. May they die in place sooner, than later.

  2. I am looking foward to opening of Walgreens. I love the two Walgreens stores in Fairfax and glad to see one will open in Annandale. I am tired of the self serve at CVS where you waste more time with the staffers coming to take care of coupons or some other glitch. Also, you have to wait forever at the CVS pharmacy.

  3. What a waste of a perfect location. This is the pre-imminent central location in Annandale, with all sorts of possibilities for uses and they put the worst piece of useless drivel. Great job!

    1. too many pharmacies. We do not need that much Walgreen in this area

  4. Agree, Walgreens is not needed. We have enough pharmacies ...

  5. So very sad to see Fuddruckers pushed out for another pharmacy. Maybe there is room on the property for another Title Loan business too.

  6. Or maybe another Jiggle Jiggle Bar B Q

  7. What a terrible waste of limited space in Annandale. We do not need another drug store or mini grocery store. We can get to 3 others all within easy walking distance. What we can't get to is a nice location that serves USA food such as a Denny's which would have been great. I won't shop here.