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Friday, May 31, 2013

Farewell to Annandale Sport & Health Club

Annandale Sport & Health Club (4317 Ravensworth Road) is closing June 30 “in response to changing market conditions,” states a May 30 letter to members from President and CEO Mark Fisher.

The fitness center has been at that location for some 37 or 38 years, an employee says. The facility opened about 50 years ago as Annandale Racquet Club. There is no information on what business will move into that space.

Members are being automatically transferred to the Sport & Health Club in the Skyline Center, which has some features not at the Annandale facility, including a swimming pool and basketball court, but is way less convenient to Annandale residents. Members are also given immediate access to all 23 Sport & Health locations and the option to add a family member at no additional cost. 

Updated June 6/5/13: According to Kevin Kwon, head tennis pro at Annandale Sport & Health, the gym wasn’t losing money or members. He says the parent company is closing the Annandale facility because “it wants to go in a new direction. The company wants to open new facilities with more features and weed out the older clubs.” The Annandale site has a leaky roof and there were concerns about insurance, he said, and the company wasn’t willing to put in money to fix it.


  1. Place was a little bit overpriced and had pretty mediocre hours compared to many other gyms.I dont think it was ever open past 10 p.m. which really hurt it with many potential customers.

  2. The tennis folks are really going to be hurting unless there is tennis at Skyline.

    Location is the most important thing about a gym. Skyline is a terrible place to drive to unless you live or work in the high rises there. S&H will lose a lot of folks to other brands of gym.

    The closing is a self-fulfilling "prophecy." They didn't take care of the Annandale location, and they stopped many of the classes some time ago.

  3. Sorry to see it go, but not surprised that another business closed. Serves as another reminder of the economic decay occurring in the inside the beltway area of Annadale.

  4. The place is really outdated. I used their shower-room once. It was really dirty. Looked like in stone age. If you just work out there then go home. Location is good though