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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mason police cracking down on speeders

A speed monitor on Wayne Drive, Annandale.
Watch out, speeders. For the first time, the Mason Police District has a full-time traffic enforcement officer  assigned to focus on speeding, pedestrian safey, and related issues.

Officer Mike Green will be using various devices on local streets to track speeding, such as portable screens that let drivers know how fast they’re going; tubes places across a road that record vehicle data; and small electronic monitors on a road that drivers usually don’t notice called “stealth pads.”

Those devices collect statistical information for the police; they don’t identify specific vehicles, said Green, an Annandale High School graduate who’s been at the Mason station for eight years.

If there are lots of complaints about speeding on a particular street, Green will put up a speed monitoring device. And if it shows a large number of people are speeding, an officer will be stationed there. He also promised to investigate complaints about parking and pedestrian safety issues involving students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology on Braddock Road.

The speed monitoring devices operated by the police are not used to determine whether traffic calming measures should be implemented. That is a separate program operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation at the request of neighborhood associations.

Meanwhile, drivers are urged to be extra alert, as VDOT crews will be mowing the grass and cutting back brush along roadsides and in medians throughout the area. The first round of mowing in Northern Virginia is expected to be completed by mid-June.

VDOT will mow grass three times through late October along interstates, primary roads, and high-volume secondary roads and twice along low-volume primary and most secondary roads. To report a problem, such vegetation blocking drivers’ view of traffic, visit the “report a road problem” section on the VDOT website or call  800/367-7623.


  1. How about assigning officers to prevent stealing wheels from cars during the night and breaking into homes during the daytime (with crowbars).

    I can document 13 thefts of sets of wheels and tires within 3/4 mile of my home.

    Stopping speeding is a positive, but we have serious crime in Mason District and nothing is being done about it except to say that everything is great- (as the former "chief" did at the Mason District Council publisc meeting held recently at Annandale Methodist.

  2. Beg to differ with the statement that nothing is being done about it....would suggest the writer learn more of what officers have taken care of before being so critical. Would remind neighbors the need to report any such incidents by calling the non-emergency number..703-691-2131...if you see it, say it! Let's all help our officers, please.

  3. Yes, the Officers do take reports.. True, it appears they do that.

    But how about the Officers looking to prevent further crimes by just driving thru the developments -especially where known stealing is going on? At least a dozen sets of wheels were stolen within a mile of each other within weeks and yet nothing was done about it. No patrols, no nothing.
    And how about alerting the communities to the prevelance of current crimes, so citizens are aware of the dangers?
    Like a daytime breakin in North Springfield using a crow bar?
    I have not yet heard of any of the thieves or house invaders being caught..
    The Mason District District Safety Officer-at a recent community forum- said not to worry, after the thieves take enough they go away and move on to somewhere else...
    That is reassuring.
    How about some detective work....
    How about getting down and promoting public safety by cooperating with the citizens and to solving and preventing crimes?

  4. Catching crooks doesnt generate money.

  5. I hope he studies the intersection of gallows and col. pike., where drivers routinely do not stop before making the turn from col pike onto gallows road.

  6. Speeding is a serious crime when a child is hit and injured in their neighborhood while walking to school. I am all for stepping up efforts to prevent stolen tires, but tires can be replaced.