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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pedestrian improvements under way at Little River/Heritage intersection

Pedestrian improvements are under way at the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Hummer/Heritage roads in Annandale.

The project involves a new crosswalk painted across Little River, new walk signals, handicapped ramps and sidewalks from Americana Drive to Little River, and other improvements, said Giles Njumbe, construction manager at VDOT.  The work should be completed in September.

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  1. so far all I see visible is the rebuilt ramps - great for ADA compliance (and the ramps needed repair), but do not appear to actually add to walkability. I'm glad to hear there will be more signals and crosswalks though - where exactly? Across LRT on the west side of Heritage/Hummer? Across Hummer on the north side of LRT? Those are the missing gaps for peds.