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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sugg's yard sales resume on Braddock Road

Shoppers checking out the merchandise at 4508 Braddock Road.
After going away for a few months, the infamous Braddock Road yard sales are back. Yesterday morning, Michael Suggs and several of his assistants were selling washing machines, rugs, furniture, boom boxes, and other merchandise on the front yard of 4508 Braddock Road.

There have been numerous complaints reported to the Fairfax County police and code inspectors over the past couple of years by Parklawn residents who charge that the frequent, commercial sales depress property values and create an unpleasant atmosphere in their neighborhood, while increased traffic is a safety concern. 

Michael Suggs is on the right.
Residents are allowed to have two yard sales a year and are prohibited from selling commercial goods from their home, according to a Fairfax County ordinance. Suggs pays residents—we were told $150 last year—to agree to have a yard sale on their front lawn.

In the past, Suggs has held several yard sales at 4508 Braddock Road and the house next door, 4500 Braddock where he said he lives, as well as at several other houses on Braddock, Columbia Pike, and other nearby streets. The owner of 4508 Braddock, Ibrahim Abdullah, was arrested for bribery in 2011 for allegedly trying to pay off an inspector in connection with code violations on properties he owns in Arlington. He was also arrested earlier this month for stealing a credit card at a Panera in Tysons.

When asked where hes been all winter, Suggs said he was in the Philippines where he bought two hog farms and asked us if we wanted to buy a pig. He said he’s back in the yard sale business, because “people begged me to come back.” He said the sectional sofa on the lawn was from his own home. He said he paid $3,000 for it and is selling it for $300. 

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  1. Come to Fairfax, it has now replaced DC as crime central of the DC metropolitan area. If you are a noted crook and have an arrest record, Fairfax will now pay for you to set up your illegal business and have a field day. Unbelievable, I can't believe this place!

  2. Great reporting, wish zoning enforcement and the police wereon top of things as much as the Blog is, thank you for such in-depth coverage on a situation that the County does not seem to have a handle on.

  3. If someone was really smart they would take a class acton suit against the Fairfax County Government and the State Government for inadequate laws and enforcement that do not protect its tax payers. This guy is obviously snubbing the law and law enforcement by continuing to break the law and get away with it.

    Shame on Fairfax, has Marion Barry replaced Sharon Bulova. Is Barry now running this County into the ground???

  4. The yard sale at 4804 Backlick Road is also back. Weekly yard sales and they have an outside storage area and you should see their trash pile on trash day. Last year they admitted they have yard sales as a business.

  5. Someone should call the IRS on this bum for tax evasion or ship him back to the Philippines to live on his pig farms. I guess 4508 Braddock is destined to become a pig farm or is it one already?

  6. Real strong chance he is peddling stolen goods if he is moving that much stuff and paying people to use their property. He may be buying it "no questions asked" from people fencing hot merchandise. If you let this tax dodger use your property and anything is stolen, good luck not being charged as an accessory.