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Friday, July 19, 2013

Beware of Fairfax Water impersonators

There have been at least two incidents in the Mason Police District where someone who claimed to be with Fairfax Water attempted to enter and burglarize people’s homes. The police warn residents to be vigilant and ask all visitors to show identification or verify their identify before letting them in.

On July 18, around 3:40 p.m., a man knocked on the door of a 76-year-old woman in the 6500 block of Annandale Street in Lincolnia. He was carrying a clipboard and claimed he needed to check something, so she escorted him into her backyard. Police believe someone entered the home and stole money from the woman’s purse while the two were in back. In a separate incident, the potential victim was suspicious and refused to let the imposter into her home.

Fairfax Water employees have photo identification with them at all times when they are on the job. Employees’ clothing and vehicles have the Fairfax Water logo. In the summer, there might be interns in neighborhoods without uniforms but they have a Fairfax Water photo ID displayed prominently.

If someone claims to be from Fairfax Water, residents are urged to ask for their ID or call 703-698-5800 to verify their status. Fairfax Water employees do not receive or accept any form of payment during service calls and do not collect water-service fees door-to-door. Most water meters are located outside of a customer’s home, so Fairfax Water employees typically do not need to get inside a house to read a meter.

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