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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Holmes Run Crossing project will expand trail access

An easier way to cross Holmes Run.
When the Holmes Run Crossing project is completed later this summer, people will have an easier way to walk or bicycle along a trail between the Heywood Glen/Lincolnia Hills community in Fairfax County and Dowden Terrace and Dora Kelly Nature Park on the other side of Holmes Run in the City of Alexandria.

The project includes two main elements: a “low profile” crossing over Holmes Run and stream bank stabilization and restoration to reduce erosion and flooding.

The $1 million project is managed and paid for by the city of Alexandria but the city collaborated with Fairfax County on the design, said Carrie Sanders, manager of Alexandria’s bicycle and pedestrian program.
It’s part of a master plan to provide a continuous off-street trail along Holmes Run from Columbia Pike near the Lake Barcroft dam all the way to Eisenhower Avenue at Cameron Run.

Holmes Run Trail [photo by Scott Littlefield].


  1. Finally and thankfully there will be a bicycle transit way from Columbia Pike to Old Town via this path. Unfortunately the Fairfax County side has stepping stones to cross the stream; probably a bad value engineering mishap and a shortsighted mistake in this cycler’s view.

    However this trail will provide riders and walkers a pleasant transit way that avoids the dangerous traffic patterns of Beauregard and Lincolnia Road. If our leaders would just get serious about cycling as DC and Arlington has we would have more young people living in Fairfax and healthier citizens. Cycling needs to be encouraged and supported by realistic solutions that do not put ones life at serious risk by reckless drivers and unforgiving traffic patterns.

    None the less this is progress!

  2. we finally have a bike facility that will benefit transportation biking in Mason district (CCT is nice, but not really that useful to get places)

    and, naturally, its paid for by the City of Alexandria.

    The County IS doing more to make biking easier. Check the list of bike projects on the County web site.

    But not one of them is in Mason district.


  3. And for runners too. I am always looking for new and interesting places to run and I did not know about this trail. I'm very excited to try it.

  4. I prefer the steps since it makes the cyclists slow down. They are so rude on these trails to walkers.