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Friday, July 5, 2013

New shop on Columbia Pike sells incense, candles, religious items

A new and different kind of business has opened in Annandale in the spot that used to house Anna ’N Dale’s Newsstand and assorted subtenants. The good news: It’s not another thrift shop, title lender, or Korean restaurant.

It’s an awesome shop called Botanica Pombagira that sells incense, herbs, religious statues, charms, candles, perfumes, oils, and medicinal plants—everything you need for bringing some much needed prosperity, love, and good fortune to your life. The owner, Geronima Herbas, had a similar shop in Woodbridge that she closed and relocated to Annandale. Her daughter, Ana Delgadillo, is the manager.

Ana Delgadillo

Many of the items in the store reflect their Bolivian heritage, including a statue of the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre, who brings good luck with money and help with women’s issues, and Queen Yemaya, who reigns over the lakes and rivers.

Advance Electronics & Appliances, in the little building next door has closed. It could reopen under new ownership or be replaced by another business, according to a former employee.

Santa Barbara with a sword.
George Guida, who operates George’s Small Engine Repair in the backyard, is still there, at least for the time being. He built an outdoor “room” to hide his piles of old lawnmowers, he said, because of complaints to county code inspectors.

George Guida


  1. Looks like an improvement and the statues and ncencse might exorcise the place

  2. "The good news: It’s not another thrift shop, title lender, or Korean restaurant."

    I didn't expect such racism from a rampant liberal such as yourself, but I guess every generation learns from the previous when it's ok to hate...

    Such hypocrisy, while surprising, is not outside of the NIMBY norms - do you enjoy talking about how cosmopolitan the DC area has become at your dinner parties, while publicly slighting those who've made it so? The Mics, WOPS, pollacks and others who once made ghettos of New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Boston are now some of our greatest authors, scientists and leaders. The people your fathers harassed and spit upon are the future of our nation, and will continue to be so.

    Creation and assimilation of ethnic enclaves is the beating heart of the United States. Fear not - it doesn't last forever. The extremes fade into the limelight, and suddenly its a nice trip to little italy for dinner. Your father speaks a bit of Italian from when he grew up near the ghetto and suddenly everyone is impressed when he orders in the native tongue. It becomes the new normal. Social integration is inevitable. One day your sons or daughters will marry a Korean, Vietnamese, Latino or god forbid a black.

    The echo of these enclaves have a lasting impact on our society. Witness the art and architecture of our nations capital, the great restaurants and uncountable contributions our society has benefited from the impact of the worlds people coming to this one place.

    This isn't the first time I've seen you slight the Korean community here on your blog - but remember, these people are our people. Thats what this country is, thats what your ancestors are, thats what we celebrate.

    Happy 4th.

    1. You misread my statement. I love the Korean restaurants but I don't think the ones we have need more competition. Annandale needs more diversity, not more of the same.

    2. Wow. Overreact much? Or is this just your way of getting in a dig at a "rampant liberal"? As a child of first- and second-generation immigrants, I found nothing racist in her statement. Given the choice between more of the same or something unique (as it sounds like this place is), I'll take the unique every time.

  3. Sounds to me like anonymous on 7/6 at 1:25 needs to board the next train to nuttyville! How you can turn this into a discriminating editorial is beyond me. I too am a 2nd generation American of immigration descent.

  4. Leaving aside the hysteria as to whether this post was anti-Korean or not: I really do not see how this is a benefit to the community proportional to the value of the prime space. All this botanica stuff is basically a way to rip off poor people by playing on their superstitions (kind of like the lottery but with less of a realistic chance of a payoff).

  5. Fact is Annandale is NOT an ethnic enclave like the ones in circa 1900 lower Manhattan. Its what, 25 percent asian now? And of that, more non-korean (esp VN) than koreans? The korean businesses largely serve koreans from outside the neighborhood.

    Thats not necessarily a bad thing, but wanting more diverse retail in Annandale does not equate to wanting fewer ethnic neighborhoods, because Annandale isn't quite an ethnic neighborhood.

  6. good point, 7/8/13, 10:21 am. My neighborhood directory shows way many more Nguyens than Kims or Lees combined.

  7. I really love Annandale. I have been here for about 14 years. I am from El Salvador and I really really love to be around Asian people. About the Botanic I can said is good to have it. It's bad because many of those people they lie about they can tell you the future then they want money to' help you with your problems 'please " and to read the tarot cards they charge $40.00, I prefer to pray to God and recive good things with out paid any cents.