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Thursday, August 8, 2013

$1 million lottery ticket sold in Annandale

The sign in front of the Annandale Giant.
The Annandale Giant, at 7137 Columbia Pike, sold a $1 million Powerball ticket, a store official confirmed.

The winner does not want to be publicly identified, at least not at the present time, but we have learned it’s a white woman in her 50s who probably lives in Annandale because she is a frequent shopper at the Annandale Giant. She not a frequent lottery ticket buyer, however.

The Powerball drawing for a $448 million jackpot took place Aug. 7. Three people had the winning numbers. Paul White, an engineer in Minnesota, collected a check for $149.4 million. The other two top winning tickets were sold in New Jersey. Those winners have not come forward yet.

If you’re the winner—or hope to win next time—Forbes’ personal finance writer Deborah Jacobs has some advice for you, including see a tax pro right away and pay off your debts. 


  1. Dang - I fit every part of that profile except I bought my (non)winning ticket at HT!

  2. I won - $4 that is. I am going to stay Anonymous so not everyone is going to want me to take them to lunch.