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Monday, September 30, 2013

Cuccinelli brings campaign for governor to Annandale

Cuccinelli speaks in Annandale.

Republican candidate for governor, Ken Cuccinelli, appeared at a rally in front of the home of Denny and Susie d'Alelio in the Canterbury Woods neighborhood in Annandale Sept. 29 to urge his supporters to vote for him, spread his message, and contribute to his campaign.

Noting that his opponent is accusing him of waging “a war on women,” he talked about his accomplishments as attorney general, including efforts to fight human trafficking, prosecute child predators, and fight healthcare fraud.

“I am pro life,“ he told the crowd of about 150. When it comes to contraception, he said, “I don’t think government has anything to do with that.” That statement flies in the face of his extreme anti-woman record, including attempts to outlaw abortion with no exceptions for survivors of rape, incest, or to protect the health of women, and shut down women’s health clinics.

According to poll results issued last week, Cuccinelli is trailing Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe 38 to 43 percent. Among women, there is a huge gap—50 percent in favor of McAuliffe and just 32 percent for Cuccinelli. When asked how he would explain the large gender gap, Cuccinelli blamed the Democrats for spending more money on attack ads and blamed for media for “not telling our side of the story.”

Cuccinelli acknowledged the federal government shutdown will have “a big impact on Northern Virginia“ but didn’t mention he has plans to campaign next weekend with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the Tea Party favorite who’s done the most to bring Congress to the current standoff.

Much of his speech was devoted to attacking his opponent, accusing McAuliffe of lying, pandering, making large funding promises he won’t be able to fulfill, being uninformed on the issues, and failing to bring jobs to Virginia. At a debate between the two last week, there were plenty of attacks on both sides, with McAuliffe charging Cuccinelli with failing to say how he will pay for his proposed $1.4 billion tax cut.

At the rally, Cuccinelli cited some of his key priorities, including school choice and cutting utility rates. He proposed shifting some of Virginia’s Medicaid funds to address mental illness as a way of preventing gun violence. He told the crowd he had attended a gun show that morning at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly and said, “I’m a strong defender of the Second Amendment.”

He dismissed the threat of third-party candidate Robert Sarvis, noting that “libertarian candidates in Virginia usually get 2 percent of the vote. There is no stronger libertarian public official than me.” Recent polls put Sarvis at 8 percent.


  1. THE LIE

    1. Terry McAuliffe says Ken bullied the state Board of Health to adopt stricter regulations for abortion clinics.

    2. Ken refused to sign a letter regarding the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) even though 47 other Attorneys General signed onto a letter supporting the legislation.

    3. Ken Cuccinelli backed legislation that would ban contraception.

    4. McAuliffe says Ken Cuccinelli’s views are too extreme and he will use his position as Governor to implement a radical socially conservative agenda.


    1. In 2011, the General Assembly passed legislation to apply health and safety regulations to abortion clinics. As Attorney General, Ken’s office simply ensured the law was implemented as passed. Even former Democrat Attorney General Tony Troy defended Ken saying he was simply doing his job, noting that Ken had done it correctly. It is worth noting that when these abortion clinics were inspected, over 80 violations were found, including dried blood and unclean instruments.

    2. It is standard practice in the Attorney General’s office NOT to sign onto letters supporting bills that can still be amended in the legislative process. For example, Ken also did not sign a letter regarding a piece of NRA-supported legislation for the same reason.

    Ken is the only candidate with a decades long record of protecting women. From starting a first-of-its-kind college effort to prevent sexual assault, to running multiple domestic violence programs, and as Attorney General, Ken was the first to devote staff to fight human trafficking to protect women from being forced into sexual servitude. His office has made historic progress against the horrors of human trafficking. Due to the OAG’s efforts, Virginia was recently recognized by the Polaris Project (a national victims’ advocacy group) for being one of the most improved states in fighting human trafficking.

    3. Ken’s position is that government shouldn’t have a role in regulating contraception and he has no intentions of doing so as Governor. He recently stated this at a public forum.

    4. Ken’s pro-family and pro-life views are well known. While he will continue to work to protect innocent life, he has made it known his focus as Governor will be to grow the economy, create jobs, and ease burdens on middle-class families. That’s why both the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s TechPAC, and the National Federation of Independent Businesses – Virginia’s small businesses – have endorsed Ken.

    It’s important to point out that Terry McAuliffe’s position on abortion is well outside the mainstream. McAuliffe supports taxpayer-funded abortions and abortion for sex selection – views that are far out-of-line with mainstream Virginians

    1. You had me until the last paragraph. Can you please refer to where McAuliffe said he supports abortion for sex selection? Otherwise, it calls your other points into question.