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Friday, September 13, 2013

Miss Lisa is here to help you sort out your personal issues

Knock on the door; you don't need an appointment.
Confused about a major life decision? Let Miss Lisa, Annandale’s newest psychic, help you make up your mind. Lisa, an Annandale resident, recently relocated her office from Connecticut Avenue, N.W., in Washington to 7025 Columbia Pike in the little building that used to house Advance Electronics.

Lisa will tell you about your past, present, and future and give advice on love, marriage, business, or anything else you want to know. “Have you met your soul mate? In your work, are you in the right position? Those are the types of questions I can answer,” she says. Tarot readings are $50; palm readings are $25. The length of the session depends on what Miss Lisa sees.

Lisa’s great grandmother was a psychic, and she says she was born with the gift.  “If only help people who want to be helped,” she says.


  1. so, instead of a business that was mostly useless (electronics repair in an age of disposable electronics) we now have a business that is totally and completely useless.

  2. At least we did not get another car title lender.

  3. I saw this today. $5.00 readings. Annandale has become a joke. Now lets move in transients to live little squirrel holes and sell more used crap (Goodwill and the other thrift store). I'm surprised we keep any businesses! Lost Bloom, the new Mexican restaurant and we have Korean restaurants that don't want our business because they don't even advertise in English! Why? Our property values are already in the crap hole. Who approves this types of businesses???? I'm ready to move. We aren't on the way up. We've become the joke of Fairfax County.

  4. Psychics don't need advertising and announcements if they are worth a damn.

  5. Welcome to junk city!