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Monday, September 16, 2013

The School Box is for sale

The School Box store at 7112 Columbia Pike, Annandale, is for sale and all the merchandise is 75 percent off.  The shop, which sells poster board, pens and pencils, workbooks, lesson guides, learning charts, stickers, and other educational resources, has been here for years. It is an independent business, not connected with the School Box chain of stores in Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia Beach.

The current owner, Sarzin Abassi of Iran, purchased the business in February 2012 for $80,000 (plus $70,000 for the inventory) with the hope that it would help him get an economic visa to come to the United States, said he father Masoud Abassi, who has been managing the store. The visa application was denied. Also, the store has been losing money. The owner of the shopping center, May Han, is charging a monthly rent of $4,400. Masoud Abassi is hoping to sell the business so he can return to his family and construction business in Iran.

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  1. Leonard Bumbaca9/16/13, 9:26 PM

    It's a shame to see it go, but to be honest, I only went there at the beginning of the school year when I needed to get my room ready. It's a tough business model to sustain.