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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Annandale Walgreens expected to open in January

The opening of a Walgreens drugstore in Annandale has been pushed back from mid-November to after the holidays in January, says David Hendricks, who will manage the new store.

He blames the delay on problems with an easement involving a telephone pole that needs to be moved. “Walgreens doesn’t open stores in January because of the holiday selling season,” says Hendricks who is currently based in Gainesville, working as a community leader for six Walgreens stores.

The two-story store is located on what could be considered the most prominent spot in the center of Annandale’s commercial district, on the triangle bordered by Little River Turnpike, Columbia Pike, and Backlick Roador as the Walgreens slogan has it, “at the corner of happy and healthy.

The Annandale Walgreens will be open 24 hours day. Other than that, “it will be a typical Walgreens and will probably not sell fresh food,” Hendricks says. He hopes to get involved with the Annandale community and plans to bring services, such as flu shots and health screenings, to senior centers.

People looking for jobs should apply online, although the new store is not listed yet on the careers section of the Walgreens website. Hendricks plans to hire about five entry-level managers and up to 30 cashiers, plus additional staff for the pharmacy. The number of staff people will depend on how many positions will be part-time versus full-time.


  1. The only thing which could have been a bigger disappointment at that location would have been a cellphone dealership. The heart of Annandale, and what gets installed there? Another chain drugstore of the type 236 is already positively littered with. What a waste.

    1. Oh but they will be giving flu shots in January. What else could you want from a store in the heart of Annandale. It will be a great gathering spot.

  2. I wish nothing but the worst for this store location.

  3. I like the customer service at Walgreens. When I shop at the Walgreens in Fairfax City, the employees are always willing to help me find an item. They will even go back in the stockroom to see if they have something.
    I hope the service will be just as good in the new Annandale store.