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Monday, October 14, 2013

Major sewage spill at Holmes Run and Cameron Run

Dead fish in Dora Kelley Nature Park. [Photo by Mark Kelly.]
UPDATE: A notice from Fairfax County urges people to avoid Holmes Run stream between Columbia Pike and Dowden Terrace.

A sanitary sewer line has broke at Holmes Run, and the City of Alexandria has published a warning urging people to “avoid contact with waters of Holmes Run and Cameron Run.”  The warning says “City crews have responded to reports of a possible sanitary sewer line break in Fairfax County which is impacting Holmes Run in Alexandria.” The break actually occurred near Columbia Pike and was not connected with the Holmes Run Crossing project.

“While checking for safety issues in Dora Kelley Nature Park on Sunday around 4:50 p.m., I noticed that the waters of Holmes Run were full of a gray effluent that was covering the entire stream bed and causing a fish kill,” reports an email from Mark Kelly, manager of the Jerome Buddie” Ford Nature Center on Sanger Avenue in Alexandria.

Kelly urges residents to keep their dogs out of the stream. A local resident walking along the stream said a worker told him a large section of sewer pipe collapsed and allowed thousands of gallons of raw sewage to flow down the creek unchecked.

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