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Friday, November 8, 2013

Burglars targeting Broyhill Crest area

Lots of police cars have been spotted in the area.
The Broyhill Crest neighborhood in Annandale has been hit with a series of daytime burglaries—mostly between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.—in the past week or so. The burglars are taking cash, jewelry, and prescription drugs.

The most recent incident was Nov. 7 in the 7000 block of Beverly Manor Drive, according to the Fairfax County Police Department. A resident saw two men attempt to enter the house, but they fled when they saw the resident inside. One suspect was described as Hispanic in his mid 30s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a heavy build. The other suspect was described as Hispanic with a thin build.

An officer with the Mason Police District has also advised residents to look out for a male Hispanic, under 40 with a round, chubby face, who was seen wearing a black jacket with red lapels.

According to the police officer, many of the recent burglaries involve two suspects knocking loudly on the front door. If they believe no one is home, they go around to the back, break in the back door, and steal things. The officers urges residents to listen for knocks on doors that seem out of place. 

Another neighbor reports that someone tried to break into the back door of her house on Terrace Drive, in the adjacent Columbia Pines community, Nov. 1 when she and her husband were at work. Her children called 911, and the suspect fled, but then another nearby house was burglarized a short while later.

Houses on Donna Lane and Wayne Drive have also been hit, as well as houses in Sleepy Hollow Woods.

At a Mason Police District Citizen Advisory Committee meeting Nov. 5, Lt. Archie Pollard advised residents who see anyone going door to door or looking like they’re observing houses to immediately call 911, rather than the police non-emergency number (703-691-2131).

An alert from the Broyhill Crest Community Association urges residents to be vigilant, join the Nextdoor online network, join Neighborhood Watch, and advise neighbors who might not know about the incidents. “The more people we have looking for the person(s), the quicker they will be caught,” the alert states.

Crime Prevention Officer Brendan Murphy with the Mason Police District offers these tips:
  • Review all your doors and windows for security measures. Do locks work? Can you see any valuables by looking in?
  • Don’t keep large amounts of cash at home. Put it in the bank or a safe deposit box.
  • Don’t keep jewelry or watches in plain sight. Hide your valuable pieces in a place less likely to be found, such as in a child’s shoe box in their closet or the inside pocket of a raincoat. Just remember where you put it. Place costume or less valuable jewelry in the jewelry box.
  • Inventory valuables in your home. This will help you recover them if stolen and will also be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim.
  • Don’t be predictable. Vary your route when leaving and coming home. If you arrive in the dark,  use the headlights to illuminate the yard and home.
You can also request a free home security inspection by Fairfax County police officers. An officer will come to your house and inspect the locks, doors, windows, exterior lighting, and landscaping and make recommendations to make your home safer. Contact Pfc. Murphy or the Call the Mason District Police Station crime prevention office if you’re interested, 703-256-8035, ext. 2257.

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  1. Now that all have been alerted, its time to wait while FCPD does what it needs to do for all of us. thanks