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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bystander catches suspect during police manhunt in Broyhill Crest

Joe Brygger points to the spot where he and his brother tackled the suspect.
During a manhunt through the Broyhill Crest neighborhood in Annandale this morning, a bystander captured a suspect being chased by the police.

Although the incident was originally thought to be connected with the series of burglaries plaguing the area in recent weeks, that is not the case, said crime prevention officer Brendan Murphy with the Mason Police District. The burglar(s) are still out there, so he urges residents to continue to be vigilant.

There was a huge police presence at the intersection of Bradley Circle and Larchmont Drive, with at least a dozen police cruisers, motorcycles, and a helicopter circling overhead. A resident had called the police to report a suspicious person and the police responded in force because of the recent burglaries.

Brygger at the fence the suspect jumped over.
Joe Brygger was installing new windows on the front of the house at 7051 Bradley Circle when he saw the police activity and went to the backyard to tell his partners.

In the backyard, Brygger saw police running after a guy, with no shirt and lots of tattoos. As he saw the man jump the fence, he heard an officer shout, “get that guy,” Brygger recalls. “He ran toward me. I kicked him in the leg. It threw him off balance. He tried to run. I tackled from the back and got him in a full nelson.” Brygger and his brother, Sonny, who was also working on the house, held the suspect down until the police got him.

Joe Brygger is 5’ 9,” and he says the suspect “was a lot bigger.” He heard that the police had been chasing the guy from Gallows Road.

The suspect ran from police because there is a misdemeanor warrant for him from another jurisdiction, said a spokesperson from the Fairfax County Police Department.

Murphy provided a few more details: He is wanted by the Culpeper police for “woodchuck” activities, which involves ripping off homeowners for fraudulent landscaping or home repairs. He was in the neighborhood visiting his girlfriend. Also, Murphy said, the suspect was white, not Hispanic as originally reported, and was not armed.

Murphy wants residents to call 911 if they see any suspicious individuals, as the burglars have not been caught. In many of these incidents, someone knocks loudly on the front door during daylight hours, and if no one answers, they break in a back door or window and take prescription drugs, jewelry, and cash.

This story was updated at 6 p.m., Nov. 13.


  1. Guess I know who I'm buying my new windows from. Thanks dude.

  2. This guy is a true local hero! A HUGE thank you goes out to Mr. Brygger from the Broyhill Crest neighborhood.

  3. Way to go Brygger brothers!!

  4. Joey & Sonny are stand up men!

  5. Way to go guys!! Right place at the right time!!

  6. Way beyond impressed! What a selfless act!

  7. Proud to call them friends!!!

  8. Rick Miranda11/13/13, 6:44 PM

    My brothers joey and sonny. Great job. Selfless indeed. We need more people like you and your bro.

  9. I appreciate all the compliments! I'm just a stand up American that helps out and offers help to those in need! Glad all and everyone involved was ok in the end and the bad guy is behind bars! Thank you all, Joe Brygger

  10. Hell yeah! Thank you!

  11. btw, I do not work for the window company advertised above the news post...Joe Brygger