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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Giant clock tower disguises a cell tower

Why is a 137-foot clock tower going up behind a strip mall at the intersection of Graham Road and Route 50? It’s a cell tower on the grounds of the Fairfax County Public Schools-owned building in Falls Church that used to house Graham Road Elementary School. The tower will provide Verizon and AT&T service, said a spokesperson for the construction company, eciWireless of Dillsburg, Pa.


  1. Not much of a disguise, but at least they didnt opt for one of those giant plastic pine trees - those things are just insulting.

  2. Now, put a cell tower at the low point on Sleepy Hollow Road near SHBR and SHRA (where it reeks of raw sewage. Calls repeatedly drop there.

  3. It's a compromise. It continues to be ugly because those tubular support posts actually look much larger than they appear in the picture but it's better than a plain cellphone tower. Also, as the picture indicates, the surrounding environment lacks much in the way of appearance either. I live five blocks away and, surprisingly, my Verizon signal strength is only mediocre, generally around 2 bars.