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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mason District, Fairfax County support McAuliffe by wide margins

Terry McAuliffe and his wife, Dorothy, greet supporters after learning he's been elected the next governor of Virginia.
Fairfax County voters supported Terry McAuliffe for governor by a wide margin Nov. 5, resulting in a decisive win for the Democratic candidate.

The Republican candidate, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was actually ahead statewide in the early part of the evening until the results from Fairfax County tipped the balance against him. Statewide, it was 55.57 percent for McAuliffe, 45.42 percent for Cuccinelli, and 6.58 percent for the independent candidate, Robert Sarvis.

Among Fairfax County voters, 58 percent voted for McAuliffe, 36.4 percent voted for Cuccinelli, and 5.3 percent voted for Sarvis. Of the 2.16 million votes cast statewide, 282,500 were in Fairfax County.

Every precinct in the Mason District came out decisively for McAuliffe. Precincts with the biggest margins for McAuliffe include Plaza (80 percent for McAuliffe vs. 14.7 percent for Cuccinelli), Holmes (78.3 percent vs. 19 percent), Skyline (75.3 percent vs. 22.4 percent), and Bailey’s (73.3 percent vs. 23 percent).

Mason precincts with the most votes for Cuccinelli include Camelot (41.6 percent for Cuccinelli vs. 53.5 percent for McAuliffe), Brook Hill (39.7 percent vs. 56 percent), and Ridglea (36.4 percent vs. 55.8 percent).

Among Mason precincts, Sarvis did best in Sleepy Hollow (7.5 percent), Ridgelea (7.1 percent), Barcroft (6.9 percent), Ravenwood (6.3 percent), and St. Albans (6.2 percent).

Following weeks of bitter campaign attacks and negative TV ads, McAuliffe struck a conciliatory note in his acceptance speech to supporters at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel in Tysons, promising to work together with Republicans to move Virginia forward.

The Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, Ralph Northam, a physician, decisively beat Republican  candidate E.W. Jackson, a preacher whose controversial, extremist statements hurt him among moderate Republicans. Both are from the Hampton Roads area.

Statewide, the vote was 55 percent for Northam and 44.6 percent for Jackson. In Fairfax County, it was 63.6 percent for Northam and 36 percent for Jackson.

As of midnight Nov. 5, the race for attorney general was extremely close, with the Republican candidate, state Sen. Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg, leading by just over 7,000 votes over Democratic state Sen. Mark Herring of Loudoun County. Among Fairfax County voters, it was 61 percent for Herring and 39 percent for Obenshain. It looks like this one is headed for a recount.

In the race for Fairfax County sheriff, Stacey Kincaid, who was endorsed by the Democrats, got 54.3 percent of the vote, handily beating her opponents, Bryan Wolfe, the Republican candidate (38.6 percent), and two independents, Robert Rivera (3.4 percent), and Christopher DeCarlo (3 percent).

Del. Kaye Kory (D), who represents most of the Annandale/Mason area, was easily re-elected in the 38th District. Her opponent, Jim Leslie, running as an Independent Green, got 24.6 percent.

In the 49th District, the Democratic incumbent Alfonso Lopez beat Independent Green candidate Terry Modglin 78 percent to 21 percent. Marcus Simon (D) won in the 53rd District with 66.7 percent of the vote, beating Republican Brad Tidwell (29 percent) and Libertarian Anthony Tellez (42 percent). In the 39th District, Del. Vivian Watts, had no opponent.

The Fairfax County school bond passed easily with 73.9 percent “yes” votes.

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  1. According to unofficial statistics from the Nov. 5 election, voter turnout in Fairfax County was 46.8 percent, the highest percentage in a gubernatorial race in history and up nearly 43,000 votes over 2009.