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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sheriff candidate Kincaid calls sign theft issue a misunderstanding

In the last days before the election, Republican candidate for sheriff, Bryan Wolfe, has stepped up attacks of his Democratic opponent, accusing Capt. Stacey Kincaid of being connected to charges that her brother, Eric Kleiner, had taken down Wolfe campaign signs. Kincaid called the sign issue “an unfortunate situation” that has distracted voters from more important issues. 

Vienna police officers investigated the incident—they found Wolfe signs in Kleiner’s car—and the Fairfax County magistrate issued a misdemeanor summons for Kleiner, charging him with petit larceny.

On Nov. 4, Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman Jay McConville said that incident, along with additional thefts of Wolfe signs and repeated complaints by Wolfe that his car and lawn were vandalized, “show that Stacey Kincaid supporters continue to practice intimidation and illegal activity.”

At a candidates forum in Annandale last month, Wolfe, a City of Fairfax police officer, got off on a bit of a rant about the property damage.

Kincaid, a 27-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, calls the incident involving her brother “a misunderstanding.” She said “he had permission from the owner of a restaurant in Vienna to put my signs up. From what I understand he put my signs up and took Mr. Wolfe’s signs down.” The restaurant in question is Joe’s Place Pizza and Pasta on Maple Avenue.

“I don’t condone removing signs,” Kincaid said, but “I’ve had my signs stolen, too. It’s a complete waste of police resources to be dealing with this. I’m focusing on the issues.”


  1. I voted 100 percent Democratic, as I always did, but I did not vote for Kincaid because of this issue. I do not believe her brother's explanation and I don't want to support such low-down campaign tactics.

  2. The more signs that are removed, the better. They are an eyesore and appeal only to the dumbest portion of the electorate.

  3. Such low-down: campaign tactics have been going on ever since campaign signs were invented. Too bad you vote on the basis of such trivialities rather than the issues. Get over it.