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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Luther Jackson Middle School principal is leaving in February

Luther Jackson Middle School Principal Louise Porter is retiring, effective, Feb. 1. 

Cluster 2 Assistant Superintendent Jim Kacur will inform teachers and parents of the process to select a new principal.

Porter has been principal at Luther Jackson, in Falls Church, for six and a-half years. Previously, she worked as a science teacher, science curriculum specialist, and school-based administrator during a 32-year career at Fairfax County Public Schools.

“This has not been an easy decision for me to make and comes with mixed emotions,” Porter wrote in an email to parents.

“Being a principal has been the hardest job I have had and the most rewarding,” she wrote. “It requires work well beyond the six and a-half hour school day. My family has been very supportive and put up with me missing dinner at home some nights, working at the computer on weekends, and responding to emails at all times of the day. I want to spend more quality time with them while I still have my health and I want to follow one of my passions—travel.

“As I reflect back over the years as principal, several accomplishments stand out for me,” Porter said. “We made significant progress in changing the community’s perception of Luther Jackson Middle School to one where students are challenged to learn in a positive and safe learning environment; built a strong advanced academic program; supported the growth of an outstanding music department; increased the amount of technology available for instructional use; and improved communication between all stakeholders.”


  1. What's the real story? Principals should not be allowed to retire during the school year unless there's some serious wrong doing, or the health and safety of students is a concern.

  2. except that the school year for a principal is 12 months long. The summers are often even busier, with staffing issues, building issues, and everything else that got put off during the "school year". There may very well be more to this story, but a principal's job is 12 months a year, non stop.