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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The biggest issues in Annandale in 2013 show power of citizen activism

Looking back on the Annandale blog stories of 2013, two of the biggest long-term issues we covered show the power of citizen activism: the Board of Supervisors agreement to bar Residential Studio Units (RSUs) in low-density single-family neighborhoods and the defeat of a plan to restructure the Fairfax County library system. Five of the top 13 stories in 2013 (listed below) are about the library plan.

It was a disappointing year for those who hoped for major redevelopment in central Annandale, although a long-dormant plan for apartments on the site of the bowling alley has resurfaced in the closing days of 2013. You can expect much more coverage of this in 2014.

Several Annandale businesses closed in 2013, including Campbell & Ferrara, Buenos Grill, School Box, Joseph’s Coat, Han Sung Oak, Healthway, Annandale Sport & Health, American Rental, Jiggle Jiggle BBQ, and Blockbuster.

A few new businesses opened this year (Advance Auto Parts, Goodwill, Botanica Pombagira, TitleMax), re-opened with new owners (Annandale Florist, Collector’s World, Pro Maxx Fitness), or expanded (Party Co. and Hess). Foster’s Bank was taken over by BBCN Bank. New businesses set to open in early 2014 include Walgreen’s and Dice Burger.

Across the larger Mason District area, some of the major issues of 2013 include the following:
The 13 most popular stories in the Annandale Blog in 2013, starting with the article with the most visitors, are: 

Cost-cutting measures mean reduced services at Fairfax County libraries, July 10

Poe Middle School principal, Stuart employee charged with embezzlement, Nov. 11

Parents urge school board to build new school at Willston, not Glasgow, Jan. 8

Citizen activists frustrated by lack of action to clean up Seven Corners, Jan. 25

Fairfax County library system threw out thousands of books, Sept. 4

Landmark Mall redevelopment under discussion, Jan. 18

County shuts down Han-Sung Oak restaurant, Sept. 3

Bulova calls for more public input on library changes, July 30

Hamburger restaurant to open on Columbia Pike, Annandale, Nov. 13

Bystander catches suspect during police manhunt in Broyhill Crest, Nov. 13

Developer cuts off water to 96-year-old homeowner who refused buyout, Aug. 29

Librarians concerned about policy changes, July 12

Fairfax County supervisors urged to block plans to decimate libraries, Aug. 14

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  1. A few new businesses opened this year (Advance Auto Parts, Goodwill, Botanica Pombagira, TitleMax) referring to Annandale's "business district"

    All around Mason District there are new laundry mats, we buy gold stores, commercial trucks in residential neighborhoods and curbside car repairs. Oh and my favorite fundraiser for the schools ... mattress sales!
    I've been to third world countries before Supervisor Gross, never wanted to live there though.