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Friday, January 17, 2014

More drivers using beltway express lanes

The beltway near the Gallows Road exit, not during rush hour.
Since the express lanes opened on the beltway a year ago, usage has steadily increased—along with toll revenue. The express lanes have served more than 855,000 customers since they opened on Nov. 17, 2012.

Here are some more quick facts from the annual report by Transurban, the company operating the express lanes for the Virginia Department of Transportation:
  • The toll price has ranged from 25 cents to $9.75. The average toll is $1.63.
  • The busiest day was Sept. 12, 2013, with 47,303 trips. 

  • The three most popular express lanes trips are I-66 to I-495 north, the Springfield interchange to Route 267, and the Springfield interchange to I-495 north.
  • 60 percent of beltway drivers report having an E-ZPass Flex.
  • 58 percent of all express lane drivers are female, and 60 percent are younger than 45.
  • Among the top reasons for using the express lanes, 68 percent of drivers said needed to reach a destination on time, 46 percent wanted to avoid congestion on the regular lanes, 30 percent wanted a reliable trip, and 30 percent wanted a less stressful trip.
  • 59 percent of express lane users are from Virginia, 29 percent are from Maryland, and 12 percent are from D.C.
  • The top vehicles on the express lane are Toyotas (17 percent), Hondas (15 percent), and Fords (8 percent).
  • Average daily trips have risen from 18,594  in the quarter ending in December 2012 to 30,518 in the quarter ending in September 2013.
  • Average workday trips have risen from 23,308 in the quarter ending in December 2012 to 37,574 in the quarter ending in September 2013.
  • Total toll revenue has  risen from $828,000 in the quarter ending in December 2012 to $4.76 million in the quarter ending in September 2013.


  1. This is good news. I have never used the 495 HOT Express Lanes, but I do appreciate the wide shoulders and higher engineering and safety standards incorporated when the express lanes were added. This weekend I traveled around the Beltway from the American Legion Bridge to I-95. I couldn't believe the twists and turns, and general poor condition of that part of the Beltway. I'm not a fan of suburban sprawl, but it's sure better than having unsafe highways.

    1. ??? 495N to 95N to Baltimore, or 495S to 95S to Richmond???

  2. From reading the above comments the majority of people use easy pass however a lesser majority do not use easy pass and supposedly the only way you can use the lanes is by using an easy pass so how do they get away with it

    1. What are you saying?