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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Annandale digs out after major snowstorm

Columbia Pike, Annandale.
The main roads in Annandale are in pretty good condition following the snowstorm that dumped about 10 inches of snow on the area overnight. Many neighborhood streets aren't very clear, though.

Bradley Circle in Broyhill Crest.

Digging out in front of the Cue Club in the Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike.
The only places open in the Annandale Shopping Center earlier today were Silverado's (above) and Tiffany's Bakery. Tiffany's has cute Valentine's Day cookies, in case you didn't plan ahead.
A stuck snow plow stuck on Murray Lane in Broyhill Crest.
All clear on Gallows Road.
Evergreen Lane at Columbia Pike.
Lots of this going on today.
Enjoying another snow day in Parklawn.
Spotted on Terrace Drive.

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