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Monday, February 24, 2014

Car crashes into Treasure Trove

Damage inside Treasure Trove.
UPDATE: The store reopened on Feb. 25.

The Treasure Trove consignment shop in Annandale has been closed since Saturday afternoon when a car drove through the front of the store. Some bricks were knocked out of alignment and there was damage inside (including broken glass and merchandise knocked off shelves), although incredibly, the plate glass storefront was not broken.

Store manager Jodi Shannon hopes to be able to reopen as early as tomorrow, assuming the insurance inspection is completed and the mess is cleaned up.

Treasure Trove, at 7010 Columbia Pike, is run by volunteers and benefits Inova Fairfax Hospital. The shop celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. It accepts consignments and donated items.

In 2010, a car smashed into the front of Cue Club, just two doors down from Treasure Trove.


  1. Idiot. You should have your license taken away immediately if you crash your car into a storefront. How incredibly dangerous.

    1. You never know, it may have been a medical problem...and besides it was an accident