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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dice Burger opens Friday on Columbia Pike, Annandale

Saeid Sanei at the counter.
Dice Burger, the new restaurant at 7023 Columbia Pike in Annandale, is opening Friday, Feb. 7, at 11 a.m., but some lucky Annandaleans got a chance to preview the menu a couple of days early. The consensus was really positive—everyone liked the burgers and everything else they tried.

There are several kinds of burgers, including mushroom Swiss, bacon bleu, creole (with grilled andouille sausage, peppers, and onions), and smokehouse BBQ (with applewood bacon and barbeque sauce). At $8.99, they should be substantial, and they are; the burgers are huge and they come with lots of fries.


Also on the menu: several types of sandwiches (grilled chicken, salmon burger, falafel, for example), as well as salads, chili, a rotating selection of soups, hotdogs, wings, chili cheese fries, and onion rings. The most expensive item, the Lucky Seven steak sandwich for $9.99, features marinated filet mignon. There’s also a kids menu with burgers, hotdogs, or chicken tenders for $4.99.

The burgers are made from premium cuts of certified angus beef and are cooked on a wood-burning stove using hickory and oak wood, says Greg Henry, a restaurant consultant with Sysco Baltimore, who has been advising the owner, Saeid Sanei. The chili, soups, salad dressings, and other items are all made in-house.

Dice Burger also has something else a bit unusual—a couple of dice at the cashier. Anyone who rolls a double six gets a free meal.

Peter Snitzer and Cyra Doty enjoy lunch at Dice Burger.
The interior has been redecorated in a black-and-red theme with large photographs of old, dilapidated cars by Sanaei’s daughter, Sepideh, a student at George Mason University.

Sanaei is planning a grand opening celebration for Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile, Dice Burger is open seven days a week, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. He has applied for an alcohol license and hopes to start offering beer and wine this spring. Early plans to include a hookah bar have been put on hold. Sanei now says he’s not sure whether that is going to happen or not.


  1. I was there for the taste testing and here is my comments on the new Dice Burger joint. The burgers are freshly made every day with Angus Beef and they put some type of spice it in that is amazing. I asked what the spice was and they would not tell me. The buns where very fresh and fluffy. We taste tested their applewood bacon and it was delicious. They served us today's house soup which can change daily and it was great. We then tasted their Filet Mignon for the Filet Mignon burger and I would eat that burger with out anything but the meat it was so good. Based on today's taste testing I highly recommend when they open on Friday at 11am you get yourself there and try it out for yourself. Let me add that I am so pleased that we are finally getting another good place to eat in Annandale. Happy Happy Happy!

    In conclusion, I am pleased they are considering eliminating the concept of a future hookah bar.

  2. SOOOOOO happy to hear they are thinking of abandoning plans for the hookah bar. I was not planning to go there because I didn't want to support the hookah aspect but hearing this we will give it a try! Welcome to Annandale Dice Burger!

  3. Just ate there, and would like to comment....

    Firstly, I love the idea of a burger joint in this area and more importantly, flame cooked burgers.

    I tried the creole burger, just to try something different. - The meat was great, the idea of a creole burger was sort of not really there. They use good lettuce on the burgers, the had a tiny slice of tomato on it (if it wasn;t a creole burger, i would be upset at the size of the tomato, I hope they put more or bigger slices on their regular burgers). This burger also has sausage on it which is probably the only creole thing about it. Peppers too, but not really creole to me. The burger was cooked as requested and tasted good, I would get a regular burger and pass on the creole gimmick though.

    Each burger comes with fries, I received fries that needed to be cooked more. My fries were also really salty (not really a complaint by me, but a heads up to others). I would guess my fries were about 2 minutes undercooked. They were also more on the soggy side, maybe just me, but I like mine more crispy.

    I like the atmosphere here. I hope they have the out door seating when it gets warmer and Hope to be able to enjoy a burger and beer here on pleasant spring and summer night out on the patio.

    I would suggest they put carmelized onions on their burgers as well or at least give the option. Not a fan of raw onions myself on burgers.

    Also, I heard alot of chatter in articles about this place the you can roll dice for a free meal, i did not encounter this gimmick today. Maybe that's something they dropped or maybe just didn't begin this promo yet, but seems odd to not have it for opening day since the idea of a free burger can get more people in the door.

    Has potential - I personally Love BGR in Alexandria and Tysons Corner, so i hope this place works out

  4. I also dined there today. We tried several different dishes and beverages, and the burgers were the highlight. They're cooked on a wood stove, and they arrived juicy and at the right temperature. They were very messy, but tasty. My burger came with caramelized onions which paired nicely with the Swiss cheese, mushrooms, cabbage, and tomato also on the burger. My date found his burger delightful, and he said it and the accompanying bacon were cooked perfectly. The staff was very nice and ebullient, and they apologized for a mistake at the register and the delay of one of our items. (Things you would expect on opening day.)

    I agree with the above poster that the fries were a bit salty, and I would appreciate it if they would let diners salt their own fries to their liking. I also did not get offered a roll of the dice to win a meal. I would not recommend the milkshakes, especially if you prefer thick milkshakes as Dice Burger serves thin milkshakes. The chocolate one tasted of a Swiss-Miss-type chocolate powder which I didn't like (which is why I don't drink Swiss Miss).

    I'm looking forward to trying more of their burgers and sandwiches.

    On a side note, I don't really see how hookah goes with burgers, but I appreciate the effort to be different, especially in an area that doesn't offer anything similar. I've been to hookah bars (although I'm not a smoker), and they are not smoky like places that allow cigars or cigarettes. Also, I believe the owner has said that the hookah would be outdoors if he does decide to offer it. Therefore, I don't think the addition of hookah would really affect the air in the restaurant (which has a wood-fired stove, FYI) or the taste of the food. In any event, I believe they will let you call in and pick up an order if you choose not to dine in the restaurant.

  5. Pam Broburg2/7/14, 6:20 PM

    Went to Dice Burger on your blog's recommendation. Loved the drippy burger (used up about 20 napkins), cooked to order (medium rare!) with thick slabs of bacon, blue cheese, REAL lettuce, not the chopped iceberg stuff, the yummy brioche bun and the amazing tarragon aioli that really made it taste like a gourmet burger. The fries were huge, and fresh brewed green iced tea was a nice touch. The only problem is I cleaned my plate and now am so stuffed I don't think I need to eat until next week. The chef and the owner talked to us and the staff was super-nice and attentive. It looks like they will have outdoor seating in a patio area out back when the weather's nice. It's great to have a family restaurant back in downtown Annandale since both Generous George's and Fuddrucker's are gone. While I was there a little boy was delightedly running around the place having a great time, and there's a kids menu. The chef told us all the sauces, soups and chili are homemade, and the ingredients are all top quality, including Nathan's hot dogs (including the children's menu hot dog). I already have a list of things to try next time (steak sandwich, beef cubes, falafel, salads).

    Also am THRILLED to be getting more sidewalks on LRT by Roberts Ave. We have needed this for a long time.

  6. Stopped by shortly before 7 pm tonight and found place closed with sign on door indicating "out of supplies"...lights out inside. Is there a problem there?

    1. I hope this was a good sign that Business was better than expected and they ran out of food

    2. I spoke to the owner this weekend and he stated that they received much more business then they ever expected this past weekend.

    3. I hope there is no problem. I made it in on Saturday night and the place was hopping. Constant flow of customers. You could sort of tell they were a little overwhelmed. But all that aside - the burger was great, fries were fried and I look forward to trying the other items on the menu.

  7. Do not eat there you will get sick my two year old is very ill along with the rest of our family frozen burgers cooked at high heat causes raw insides f*cking gross