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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Police conduct drug search at Annandale High School

UPDATE: No drugs were found during the search, reports School Resource Officer J.W. Levan.

A joint drug search and lockdown drill took place this morning at Annandale High School, with Fairfax County Police officers and drug-sniffing dogs, the online edition of the student newspaper, the A-Blast reports.

“It was a school operation and was requested by the principal,” a police spokesperson said. “We were there to support the school.”

According to the A-Blast, an email from Principal Vincent Randazzo to staff said, “the purpose of conducting the lockdown drill and drug search is to maintain a safe school environment for our students and teachers.”

It was over by 10:19 a.m., and the school day continued as normal, although at least one student told the A-Blast, “I was really scared, because I thought it was a real lockdown.”

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  1. FCPS: sliding, sliding....