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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Church members fix up the Annandale house of Navy Yard shooting victim

A worker from Thompson Creek puts new windows on the Bodrog house.

Navy Yard shooting victim Martin Bodrog was a tireless volunteer who spent his spare time helping others. But he never got around to completing the long list of repair jobs for his own house in Annandale.

So a cadre of friends and people from the family’s church, Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, are putting in new windows and siding, repairing the foundation, painting, and totally fixing up the Bodrog family’s home on Paul Revere Court in the Oak Hill community.

Bodrog, a retired Naval officer, had been working in his office at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., as a procurement official Sept. 16, 2013, when a mentally unbalanced contractor, Aaron Alexis, went on a shooting rampage, killing 12 people.

“The family is doing as well as could be expected. Melanie [Bodrog’s widow] is an incredibly strong women,” said John Rutherford, a next-door neighbor who also attends Immanuel Bible Church and is coordinating the home renovation project. The Bodrogs have three daughters, two of them in high school and one in her early 20s.

“Marty was a great guy,” says Rutherford. He taught 3-year-olds at Immanuel’s Sunday school, sold raffle tickets at Annandale High School football games, and served on the board of Young Life, a Christian youth organization.

“We’re trying to help the family as much as possible to take the worry of home maintenance off them, so they can focus on the healing process,” Rutherford says.

Thompson Creek is contributing nearly $30,000 to the effort, including 10 new windows, 100 feet of gutters, and new siding, says Katie Sushko, public relations coordinator for the company. Rich Trimber, an executive at Thompson Creek, is a neighbor of the Bodrog’s.

Rutherford said Home Depot sent over 13 people to repair cracks in the foundation and help with some of the interior work. Kevin Kettle, a member of the church who is president of Laureate Homes, worked on excavating the foundation. Dan Wakefield of Hann & Hann Construction Services brought skilled workers to help with the painting and some of the more difficult repairs, and the Behr Paint Co. contributed paint.

“It’s a total redo of the house,” said Sushko. Among the new items: drywall in the basement, a garage door, entry doors, trim work, and carpeting. Volunteers are helping with yard work, too.

“It’s been a really great effort among our church, community, and corporate sponsors,” Rutherford said. So many people volunteered their time and expertise, it’s hard to put a monetary figure on all of it.

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  1. It's wonderful to see the community (both their church and area companies) coming together to help families who need it. Home repairs and maintenance can just weigh on you emotionally - not to mention the costs - so having these projects completed will hopefully lift a burden and help with their healing.

    God bless.