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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Residents urged to clear sidewalks

Nice job, neighbor.
With schools reopening Wednesday (two hours late), Fairfax County Public Schools urges residents to remove snow and ice from sidewalks to ensure safety for children who walk to school and bus stops.

“Neither the Virginia Department of Transportation nor the county clears snow and ice from public walkways,” a message from FCPS to parents and guardians states. “In addition, neither the state nor the county has any legal requirement for property owners to clear public walkways.”

Also, we would add, be sure to drive carefully and slow down, as there are many roads without sidewalks, forcing schoolchildren to walk in the street.


  1. New residents to this County that are of other national origins do not shovel period. And then you have the lame Americans who just think it is somebody else’s job. The County needs to send our flyers reminding all homeowners of their responsibilities and the liabilities that they could incur. Left to their own devices the generally uninformed will do nothing either by ignorance or laziness.

    BTW instead of raising the tax 2 cents FFX County, why don’t you penalize/tax and fine all the folks in this County that believe cleanliness is NOT NEXT godliness! I bet the County would make up for its budget shortfalls and then some.

  2. "New residents to this County that are of other national origins do not shovel period." OMG that is so not true! My block is more than half immigrant (mostly Asian but plenty of Hispanic too) and every single sidewalk is shoveled.

    1. There are exceptions of course, but the majority of folk, particularly new comers don't know what to do.

      I guess we will all have to move to your street for effective snow removal. What is you street btw?

  3. It needs to be made law. Too many will shovel their driveways and the part of the sidewalk in front of their home to get to their street parked car and nothing else. Walkers are forced into the street to take their chances with speeding vehicles.