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Friday, April 18, 2014

Bad winter had impact on Annandale real estate market

This three-bedroom house at 4021 Gallows Road, Annandale, was built in 1948 and has a separate apartment above a detached garage. It's on the market for $549,900. [Photo from Zillow]
The bad weather last month depressed home sales in Annandale, reports real estate contributor Vivianne Couts, of the Couts Group with Coldwell Banker.

 “Basically, the horrific weather we had really messed with the real estate market,” Couts said. “People didn’t want to look at houses, and people hoping to sell weren’t prepared to put them on the market yet. But April is shaping up nicely, with lots of new housing coming up.”

There were just 70 new listings in March in Annandale (zip code 22003), compared to 85 in March 2013. Thirty-nine units sold last month, compared to 45 during the same month a year ago.

The dollar volume of homes sold was about $16.6 million in March 2014, down nearly 24 percent from $21.8 million in March 2013.

The average price of units sold last month was $49,414, a 12.15 percent decline from a year ago. That likely reflects the fact that while the number of attached units sold last month was the same as the number sold in March 2013, the number of detached houses fell 21.4 percent.


  1. If that POS goes for $550K I will eat my hat.

  2. Even been to fairfax not many sf homes under 400k

  3. Annandale ... home of the half-million fixer upper or teardown.

  4. As opposed to N Arlington home of the 900K teardown, no fixing....

  5. I wonder how many RSUs can be fit in this place? TitleMax has the answer-we will go subteranean.

    1. Pleeeeze, can we get over RSUs and title companies. Most of our neighborhoods aren't in the zones where RSUs are scheduled to be allowed. And, just don't vote for Dick Saslaw next time around. You won't get rid of the title companies, but you may get rid of the legislator who supported them -- and other proposals that haven't benefited Annandale one twit.