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Friday, April 25, 2014

Planning Commission defers action on Glen Carlyn Road childcare center

A screen grab from the video of the Planning Commission hearing on the proposed Glen Carlyn Childcare Center.

The Fairfax County Planning Commission agreed to defer a decision until June 11 on an application from Deyi Awadallah for a zoning special exception to allow the construction of a childcare center on Glen Carlyn Road in Bailey’s Crossroads.

Janet Hall, the commissioner representing Mason District, made the recommendation to defer. Putting off a decision until June 11 “will give the applicant more than sufficient time to approach neighbors and try to work this out,” she said.

Dozens of people spoke at the Planning Commission hearing, which went on until nearly midnight on April 24. Most of them were local residents who opposed the childcare center.  Their arguments against it—primarily about the impact on traffic and safety, and to a lesser extent, on stormwater runoff and the character of the surrounding neighborhood—had been made at previous meetings of the Mason District Land Use Committee (MDLUC).

On April 22, the MDLUC voted unanimously to urge the Planning Commission to reject the application. The staff report from the county’s Zoning Evaluation Division recommended approval.

Noting that Fairfax County allows certain facilities, such as daycare centers, churches, and schools in residential areas, Hall said, “Our job is to see, does this work here? . . . This is a very difficult location. We understand that.”


  1. I'm not sure why this decision was postponed. Both sides are highly opposed to each other and just repeat the same arguments over and over. I highly doubt they'll be able to arrive at any sort of agreement or compromise.

  2. I really hope that they allow this center to go through. It appears that now that the run off issues and footprint issues of the building are resolved we can get the center. It would be such a positive in the area.

    1. Do you live in the area? I'm curious as to what are the positives you feel it will bring to the community. The community was very opposed to it and didn't seem to think the run off and footprint issues were adequately resolved. Of the 3 people who spoke in favor of the center, 1 worked for the applicant, and the other 2 lived outside the area in Alexandria and Fairfax City. The one from Fairfax City was also seen chumming around with the applicant.

  3. Forget the child care center, it will never pass. Now if I were the owner I would sell it to a car title place, bang instant approval.

  4. actually those go in commercial zones, by right I believe. Child care centers are allowed in residential zones.

  5. There are spaces open for child care in the churches across the street with established parking and open spaces for more children. To use what is there is far superior than making more traffic problems in a heavily used area. Teh owners do not show any effort to improve the community as it stands from teh condition of teh property as it is at present.