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Friday, May 23, 2014

Cell phone sellers beaten and robbed in Annandale parks

A screen grab from NBC News shows reporter David Culver describing the Craig's List/iPhone attacks.

Fairfax County Police are investigating several incidents of people trying to purchase iPhone 5s cell phones from people they met on Craigslist who’ve been beaten and robbed. In at least two of the incidents, the crimes happened at playgrounds at an Annandale townhouse complex, according to a news report on NBC Channel 4.  

Several suspects have been arrested but the police believe there are more suspects and victims out there. “We are not publicizing the arrests because of the active nature of the ongoing investigation,” police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell told the Annandale Blog. She said the attacks happened in March and April.

According to the news broadcast, the thieves contacted people trying to buy iPhones on Craigslist and set up a meeting in a park via text. The victims tended to be Asian or from another country and have limited English skills, Caldwell said. Once they arrived with cash, other men came out of the bushes and kicked, punched, and beat them, then took their phone and cash. One victim was attacked so brutally, he suffered broken bones and lost some vision.  


  1. More third world trash. These phones can be sold for up to $500 in the pan asian countries. Let me ask, do we really need these people here to break our laws? Do they have any value here? Do they contribute to our country? Do they require local services? Do they pay taxes?

    Keep the good and get rid of the crap..........please return to sender!

    1. Immigrants get beaten and robbed . . . and you spit on the immigrants, who broke no laws?

      Good to know mindless racism is alive and well in northern Virginia.

    2. Your ignorance is unproductive. How on Earth do you blame the victims of the crime for the crime? Disgusting.