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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No carnival in Annandale this year

Fun times at the 2013 Annandale carnival.

There won’t be a carnival in Annandale this spring because the Sears Holdings Corp., the company that owns Kmart, won’t give approval to allow the event to take place in the Kmart parking lot. That decision is not due to any particular problems with the carnival—it’s more about the disruption of business at the store caused by the lack of parking during the week-long event. 

Reithoffer Shows has been bringing the carnival to the Annandale Kmart on John Marr Drive every spring for many years. In 2012, it was held in the parking lot of the AMF Annandale Lanes bowling alley, but that location is considered too small and isn’t being considered this year.

The carnival is sponsored by the Annandale Chamber of Commerce, which has used some of the proceeds to pay for holiday decorations along Annandale streets. Without those funds, our community might be looking less festive next December.


  1. That Kmart and it's employees are averse to anything that has to do with interacting with customers. An event like this means more people in the store that they'd struggle to avoid at all costs. They'd also have to clean the store and make an effort to actually properly restock the shelves.

  2. That parking lot is huge and can handle both. There is something more behind this.

  3. Take the kids to the Kid's Choice Sports Center on Ravensworth Rd instead, they have a new bounce center there.

  4. Could this not be held at Mason District Park?