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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Repairs underway at Tollhouse Park

The park is on Little River Turnpike between Annandale Road and Columbia Pike.

Tollhouse Park, the centerpiece of the Annandale revitalization area, has gotten a little shabby in recent months, but efforts to fix it are under way.

The broken lights and the clock, which is about six hours off, will be repaired soon, says Randy Miller, with the Maintenance and Stormwater Management Division in the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services

The white letters spelling “Annandale” on the wall facing Little River Turnpike had been vandalized and have already been replaced, Miller told members of the Annandale Central Business District Planning Committee (ACBDPC) May 13.

A plaque that had been placed at ground level recognizing the ACBDPC  for its work to create the park has been fixed (the word “revitalization” had been spelled wrong) and has been placed on a pole, making it easier to see.

Miller is also planning a walk-through with members of the ACBDPC to identify infrastructure problems throughout the Annandale revitalization area—such as sidewalks, street lights, and landscaping—that need to be fixed. About $75,000 is available in county funds to repair streetscape elements in Annandale and four other revitalization areas that are supposed to be maintained by the county.

Getting the Virginia Department of Transportation to take care of streetscape issues it is responsible for is way more difficult. “We’re really striking out getting VDOT to do anything,” Miller said. When a snowplow knocked out some brick pavers in a street in another area of the county, VDOT’s solution was to put in concrete, which is “worse than nothing.”


  1. Oh, I guess that's OK. but really, nobody uses the "park" because it is in the middle of a traffic smog zone.

  2. The best thing that Gross has accomplished for Annandale beginning with the clock that spelled Annandale incorrectly and never kept proper time to begin with SINCE 2006! And it's being fixed this year?
    What a superviser - NOT.
    Since installation has become a home to the drunk and homeless and probably the druggies "that don't exist here"

    "Gotten a bit shabby recently"?? has been that way from the get go. Lights that don't work now, didn't work then and will continue to be vandalized because every vandal knows There Are No Consequences in Mason because Gross could care less to none. What a legacy, hey? The grossest ever.....we need change, correction, leadership, care, concern, pro-action, everything we haven't had since Tom Davis and Tina Trapnell were in office. Tear the thing down and give us back a viable, positive, proud, growing Community of Neighbors and Friends. We don't need or want the Gangs and Derelicts she supports and harbors in our backyards.