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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sewage spill contaminates Lake Barcroft

Workers with Am-Liner East Inc. are repairing the sewer line next to the pumping station.

A sewage spill connected with an ongoing project to rehabilitate the sewer line under Sleepy Hollow Road has led to the contamination of Lake Barcroft.

Fairfax County posted signs around the lake stating: “Warning: Sanitary sewer overflow. Water in this area may contain sanitary sewage. Contact with sewage poses a potential health risk.”

Lake Barcroft
The problem started when workers were putting in the last piece of pipeline from the Holmes Run pumping station on Dearborn Drive to the sewer line along Sleepy Hollow Road. The pipeline failed during testing, said Irene Haske, a spokesperson in the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services.

Wastewater started coming up out of the ground near the pumping station. With the broken pipe and all the rain earlier this week, the facility was overwhelmed. Sewage spilled into Holmes Run, which feeds into Lake Barcroft.

Workers used temporary, portable pumps and tanker trucks to contain the sewage, but they couldn’t handle all the excess flow. A test of the water quality indicated contamination.

The contractor is scheduled to replace the failed pipe next week, and more tests will be conducted. “Don’t go near there until a couple of days after they get a good reading on the water,” Haske advised.


  1. It was really stupid of them to run this test during all those rainstorms. And it seems obvious that the pipes were not installed properly to begin with.

  2. so easy to complain. No one gives a shit

  3. I see what you did there.

  4. Hey wasn't it a sewage spill that created Barkie, the Lake Barcroft monster? I shudder to think what's going on in there now.

  5. Barkie? Please do elaborate.