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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SWAT action at Annandale Shopping Center

The SWAT team in action. [Photo by Sabina Muend]

People at the Annandale Shopping Center on Columbia Pike at about 7 last night during a heavy rainstorm saw a huge undercover police action involving the arrest of two individuals. A couple of bystanders speculated it was a possible drug bust.

According to one witness who’d been at the Cue Club, a white sedan pulled into the parking lot immediately and was surrounded by unmarked police cars, vans, and SUVs. About 16 to 17 SWAT officers jumped out wearing what looked like Kevlar and ski masks.

The occupants of the white car were a man and woman, both white and in their mid or late 20s. The cops pulled the man out of the car and threw him into a puddle. At the time, “it was raining its ass off,” the witness said. The woman then got out and both suspects were cuffed. The cops then took a black bag out of the trunk and left. Since the law enforcement personnel weren’t identified, it isn’t know if they were Fairfax County Police or federal agents.

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  1. Return the bumbs to sender, and I dont care if that is Rikers Island, Missouri or in Sarah Palins back yard with the Russians. We dont need this crap in our community. We need economic development and leadership that will inspire people that work for a living and that have ligitimate jobs to live in Mason Distirct. Not this crap that seems to be magnetically drawn to our ongoing demise by uninspired conditions.