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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New 'executive principals' named

Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Karen Garza has announced the new executive principals assigned to the five new regions under the new administrative organization structure put into place earlier this month.

Garza has named Jay Pearson the executive principal for Region 2, which covers the Annandale, Stuart, Falls Church, McLean, and Marshall high school pyramids plus Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Pearson has served as principal at Marshall High School since 2005 and had been an  assistant principal at Edison High School.

Executive principals are new positions. According to Garza, “they will support the regional assistant superintendents in providing leadership, direction, support, counseling, coaching, and assistance to principals.” They will also respond to parent and community groups’ issues and concerns.

Terry Dade, who has served as principal at Dogwood Elementary School since 2013, will be the new executive principal for school improvement in Region 2.

This position supports the regional assistant superintendent in assessing school needs and effectiveness while collaborating with administrators to develop, plan, and coordinate objectives for school improvement plans and facilitating innovation to improve instructional practices. Only two of the regions have an executive principal for school improvement.

The new organizational structure divides schools into five regions, each one headed by an an assistant superintendent. Fabio Zuluaga was named assistant superintendent for Region 2 earlier this month. Before, there were eight clusters.


  1. Would much rather see more teachers hired and smaller class size than this. Nothing will improve the education system until small class sizes are the norm. Teachers can't meet the needs of all their students when there are 30 plus students in a class.
    Keep wasting our tax dollars FCPS. You do a great job at it!

    1. I totally agree. It is unconscionable that they cry budget problems to cut teachers for our children and then come up with tons of money to hire several while new layers of bureaucrats.

  2. Yet more money spent on high priced "experts" to help other high priced administrators. I thought that Garza was supposed to be "teacher friendly" but her actions so far indicate that she is not. Smaller classes and more services for the students is what is needed. Yet another Garza disappointment.

  3. Ellie, would FCPS share an org chart that would help us understand the overall new structure of the regions vs the former clusters? And how many new positions and how many positions being eliminated?

  4. Here is the current structure:

    And here is the new structure starting next week: