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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New FCPS assistant superintendents named

Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Karen Garza has named Fabio Zuluaga as assistant superintendent for Region 2, which covers the schools in the Annandale, Stuart, Falls Church, McLean, and Marshall pyramids, along with Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

Garza announced a plan in May to restructure the administrative organization of FCPS. Instead of eight clusters, there will be five administrative regions, each one headed by an assistant superintendent.

Each region will also have an executive principal. Two of the regions, including Region 2, will also have an executive principal for school improvement. The new system takes effect July 1.

Zuluaga is the current assistant superintendent for Cluster 8, which covers the Oakton, South Lakes, and Westfields pyramids. Before taking on that job in 2009, he was a principal and area superintendent in Lexington, Ky.

Douglas Tyson, the current assistant superintendent for Cluster 3, which covers the Annandale, Stuart, and Woodson pyramids, will be the new assistant superintendent for Region 1.

In other personnel announcements, Linda Burke, the assistant superintendent for Cluster 7, will be the new assistant superintendent for region leadership support.

Debi Tyler, Cluster 4 assistant superintendent, will become assistant superintendent for Region 3. Angela Atwater, assistant superintendent for Cluster 6, has been named assistant superintendent for Region 4. Cluster 5 Assistant Superintendent Frances Ivey will head Region 5, which includes the Woodson pyramid.

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  1. and how much will these salaries add to our already over extended budget